Big 12 = No Defense

Chad Minton@@chad_mintonCorrespondent INovember 2, 2008

Everyone loves a flashy offense that puts plenty of points on the board—but this year's Big 12 has gotten to the point of ridiculous.

When even the bottom feeders of your conference like Baylor are scoring 20+ points, there's a defensive problem. You have to wonder if the offenses are really that good, or if the defenses are just that bad.

If you happened to look at the scores scrolling at the bottom of the screen during last Saturday's games, you probably know what I mean.

Let me just run down some scores for you: Oklahoma over Nebraska, 62-28; Okla St. over Iowa St., 59-17; Missouri over Baylor, 31-28; Kansas over Kansas St., 52-21.

However, there are definitely some talented offenses in this conference, particularly Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech. The talent of these teams cannot be denied.

As exciting as the Texas-Texas Tech game was over the weekend, the lack of defense was that much more irritating. Especially in the second half, all I saw were 20-yard bombs where there wasn't a defender within 10 feet of the receiver. You also saw holes for the halfbacks that even Joe Paterno could run through.

After this weekend, I am definitely praying that the college football world gets the true answer to this question. That answer would come by matching up the Big 12 champion against the SEC champion: good offense against smashmouth defense.

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I may be a little biased towards the SEC, but let's examine this as scientifically as possible. Most people would agree that a good defense will usually trump a good offense. So who might be the possible contenders?

For the Big 12 we will most likely see Texas Tech, Texas, or Oklahoma. None of these teams are known for their defense, with none of them being ranked in the Top 50 in total defense.

For the SEC, it looks like either Alabama or Florida could possibly make the National Championship game. Florida has a total offense ranking of 31 and a total defense ranking of 16. The Crimson Tide are a stout fourth in the nation in total defense but rank 61st in total offense. 

What does this all mean? Well, unfortunately we will not know for sure unless these two conferences match up against each other, which I think they will.

We do know one thing. An SEC team rarely gives up over 30 points in a game, and whichever Big 12 team gets a shot at an SEC team will have some fits trying to score.

I have my fingers crossed to see what has the potential to be one of the most intriguing National Championship games we have seen in a long time.

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