NFL Free Agency 2011: Why Brett Favre Is the Best Available QB

James Brown@@chasingballgameSenior Analyst IJuly 12, 2011

NFL Free Agency 2011: Why Brett Favre Is the Best Available QB

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    NFL free agency will be at an all-time fever pitch when the NFL lockout is lifted. Teams will scramble to get the best football players that will be available on the free-agent market. The most sought-after position will undoubtedly be quarterback.

    Although there are plenty of quarterbacks to choose from, Brett Favre could be the most enticing option for several teams.

Proven Winner

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    There are several NFL teams that are in need of a quarterback, and it helps to acquire a signal-caller that has experience playing in the league.

    Favre is a proven winner, and is familiar with many of the defenses that are implemented in the NFL. Adding the gunslinger to the roster would automatically insert a savvy veteran that has performed well on the biggest stage in the NFL.

Born Leader

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    In the ever-changing world of the National Football League, leadership is as important as ever. When Favre steps into a huddle, he demands the respect of his teammates.

    Bringing Favre onto a football team automatically changes the face of the entire team. His leadership is irreplaceable and brings both veterans and rookies together as one unit. In fact, there are some teams that are looking for a quarterback to bridge the gap from the past to the future.


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    Several teams, such as the Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers and the Cincinnati Bengals, could start the year with a rookie under center. What quarterback would be more qualified to teach a young quarterback then Brett Favre?

    Favre could start the season, show a rookie quarterback the ropes and still make a team competitive. If the team fails to compete as the season progresses, the rookie could take over under the guidance of Favre.

Last-Minute Addition

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    Favre could still have a huge impact on the league if he is picked up late in the season.

    Many teams succumb to injuries late in the season. If a competitive team loses a signal-caller late in the season and still have a legitimate shot of going deep in the playoffs, Favre should get a look.

    He could join a team, fill in for an injured star and still take a team to the promised land.

Who Needs Camp?

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    With the lockout tearing apart the NFL preseason and training camp, players have to take a different approach to preparing for the season.

    This is familiar territory for Favre. Favre has prepared on his own for the last two teams that he played for in the NFL, so he can be counted on to show up ready to play.

One Piece Away

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    Several teams in the NFL, like the Arizona Cardinals, feel that they are one player away from playing in the Super Bowl.

    Favre could fill those shoes and give a team that one shot at winning it all. He would most likely come at a cheaper price since he would only want a one-year deal, and, as mentioned earlier, this guy knows how to win.

    With enough talent around him, he could take a team far.

Media Attention/Jenn Sterger

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    If there is one thing Favre knows all about, it’s media attention. For NFL owners, that could be an attractive attribute. His presence will make jersey sales go through the roof, the team name will always make headlines and the games will be featured on a national stage.

    Although the Jenn Sterger controversy is behind the aging quarterback, her name is most likely to come up when his name is mentioned. Pictures of Sterger would resurface, proving that even negative publicity could look good.

Good For the League

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    Brett Favre is good for the league. He can get ready for the season with little preparation, mentor young quarterbacks and lead to a team to a winning season.

    Whether you love him or hate him, Brett Favre is a great free-agent pickup.

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