WWE Money in the Bank: Breaking Down the Odds of the SmackDown Participants

Eric Kanes@EricKanesContributor IIIJuly 10, 2011

WWE Money in the Bank: Breaking Down the Odds of the SmackDown Participants

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    What's up, ladies and gentlemen? My name is Eric Kanes and today, we are going to be taking a look at the eight Money in the Bank ladder match participants from the SmackDown side.

    I am going to break things down and give you guys the realistic odds of each man winning. I am also going to rank the participants based on their chances of winning the match. 

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    And now, without any further ado, let's get this show on the road!

8. Heath Slater

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    I'm not quite sure why Heath Slater is even in this match.

    You've got a guy like Mark Henry who is currently as hot as he's ever been.

    You've got a guy like Ted DiBiase who could've progressed his storyline and character by helping Cody Rhodes out in this match.

    You've got a guy like Tyson Kidd whose style would be perfect for this kind of match. And yet, out of all the people who could've gotten a spot, you put Heath Slater in? Makes no sense to me.

    As for Slater's odds, I think we'd all agree on this one. I'd put money on my grandma running in and winning before I'd put money on this guy.

    Chances of Winning: None

7. Justin Gabriel

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    Justin Gabriel is another guy who I'd say has no shot of winning. He's currently in a tag team with Slater and he's perfectly fine in that role. He doesn't need this win.

    However, I understand why he was included and am actually really glad that he was. He's probably there to add a few big spots, possibly a mega 450 splash off the ladder.

    Chances of Winning: None

6. Kane

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    Just like with Heath Slater, I have no clue why Kane is in this match. I've already pointed out three better candidates.

    Either way, Kane's not winning this one. It didn't work last time and it wouldn't work this time. I really can't see WWE going this route again.

    Chances of Winning: None

5. Daniel Bryan

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    Here, we've got arguably the best worker in the match. Is there any chance of him winning? No. It's a damn shame too.

    If this match was being held 10 months ago, then there wouldn't have been a better candidate. It just goes to show you how much WWE has dropped the ball with this guy.

    He could be a main event player and might be one day, but Money in the Bank won't be his time.

    Chances of Winning: None

4. Sin Cara

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    Ever since debuting, Sin Cara has been a major flop in WWE. I can't say it's his fault, though. I really like the guy.

    It's just a case of nothing ever happening in the SmackDown midcard. All of the midcarders float around in a bunch of meaningless matches, and Sin Cara is no exception.

    Considering the way he has been handled since debuting, there's just no chance of him winning this match. However, expect him to be the star of the match. A ladder match should suit this guy perfectly.

    Chances of Winning: None

3. Cody Rhodes

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    Cody Rhodes is another guy who has been the victim of a dead SmackDown midcard, a bad character, and horrible writing.

    He's probably the second best overall talent in this match. He proved that when he had his "Dashing" gimmick.

    However, he currently has no momentum at all. Again, it's not his fault. The writers killed any momentum he might have had when they gave him this retarded character.

    Nonetheless, this article is about who will win and not about who should win. With that said, there's a possibility that Ted DiBiase might interfere and help him win.

    However, the more likely option is Ted DiBiase interfering and then getting his ass kicked by one of the other participants.

    To sum it up, Cody Rhodes could win but he's got some stiff competition against him with the two guys who are ranked ahead of him.

    Chances of Winning: Slim to None

2. Wade Barrett

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    Yet another example of WWE dropping the ball. A guy who was once main eventing pay-per-views alongside John Cena is now jobbing clean to Ezekiel Jackson in the second match on SmackDown.

    However, unlike most of the other guys involved, WWE seems to be high on Wade Barrett...and why would they not be? The guy's the total package. He's got a great look, he can talk, he can work, and he can be a draw when he needs to.

    A lot of people, including myself, bought SummerSlam last year to see how he would do in the main event. Hell, I was getting excited to see him facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

    With all of that in mind, I can definitely see Wade Barrett winning. Perhaps, if Skip Sheffield is ready to return, they can have him run in and help Barrett win here.

    Chances of Winning: Likely

    So far, it's clear that Barrett has the best chance of winning. What's holding him back, you ask? This man...

1. Sheamus

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    This seems to be the route that WWE is going. Is it a bad thing that they want an established wrestler to win? Of course not.

    It might be predictable but this could be the final nail in the coffin that Sheamus needs to become a full-on main eventer. It's better than them taking a risk on someone like Sin Cara or making the same mistake again with someone like Kane.

    Going into this match, Sheamus has clearly been made to look better than everyone else involved. None of that matters if he doesn't walk out looking the same way.

    Of course, he could still be added to the world title match as a last second addition. If that's the case, Wade Barrett is the clear winner. If not, I'm putting my money on Sheamus.

    Chances of Winning: Very Likely

How I'd Book It

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    Throughout this article, I've talked about how WWE hasn't done the best job they could building this match up so, just for the hell of it, here's how I'd book it.

    This is a continuation of how I'd book the Christian/Orton rivalry as I fantasy booked the whole thing a couple months ago so I guess you could say I've thought this out. Anyway, here goes:

    The participants would be Christian, Ezekiel Jackson, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, and Daniel Bryan.

    The backstory is that Christian, Ezekiel Jackson, and Mark Henry are in a stable similar to "Christian's Coalition" in TNA. Mark Henry would be facing Randy Orton for the world title here. The story would be that Ezekiel Jackson is in this match only to help Christian win.

    Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase would be in a similar relationship that they are in now except Ted DiBiase would actually be winning all of his matches.

    The story would be that Rhodes has brainwashed DiBiase and pretty much forced him to work for him. Similar to Jackson, DiBiase's only goal would be to help Rhodes win.

    Wade Barrett would still be upset that Ezekiel Jackson broke up with him and The Corre so before the match, he would go up to Rhodes and agree to work with him for this one match only, just to outnumber Christian and Jackson.

    Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, and Daniel Bryan would be in this match for the high spots. Sin Cara would be the Intercontinental Champion going in. His character would be a fighting champion who defends his title at all costs. Going in, he'd already have two title defenses in 20+ minute matches under his belt.

    Alright, onto the match itself. For most of the match, it would be either Jackson and Christian or Rhodes, DiBiase, and Barrett in control.

    Towards the end, Rhodes, DiBiase, and Barrett clear the ring of everyone. Rhodes asks DiBiase to set up a ladder for him, DiBiase obliges, and Rhodes then sends him away. Rhodes then turns around and Barrett is standing there glaring at him.

    Rhodes thanks him for helping and asks him to leave but Barrett won't move. Rhodes then gets angry and shoves Barrett forcing Barrett to hit him back. Rhodes sends DiBiase after Barrett and the two of them brawl until Ezekiel Jackson gets back in the ring, clearing the ring of both of them.

    He then tosses Rhodes out as well. Cara, Kidd, and Bryan all attempt to attack him but he plows through all of them. To end it, Jackson holds the ladder while Christian climbs up to retrieve the briefcase.

    Later on it the night, Christian cashes in on Orton. This leads to a final Unsanctioned Match at SummerSlam which Christian wins with help from Mark Henry. Randy Orton goes on to feud with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase while Christian goes on to have a short feud with Booker T.

    I pretty much came up with that on the spot, but I think a simple scenario like this would have four real threats to win going in and there'd be an actual story behind it.

Final Thoughts

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    All in all, this match seems to be fairly predictable. WWE has only done a good job of building up one person going into this. Another person has a chance of winning by default and that's it really. That's not a good thing.

    Now, I've read a couple online articles that have stated that we need a surprise. Please no. Money in the Bank is a dangerous concept in itself. It's been proven in the past.

    It only works when it's given to an upper midcarder on the brink of breaking into the main event scene, like Edge or The Miz. The only two people in this match who are close to that level are Sheamus and Wade Barrett.

    However, give it someone who isn't established such as Jack Swagger and you kill their career. We don't need to repeat the same story with a guy like Cody Rhodes or Sin Cara.

    Therefore, I'll just be looking for a great match from these guys and I'll be hoping that the right guy wins.

    I will be right back here tomorrow with my breakdown of the RAW Money in the Bank match but until then, I'm out!


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