Roger Federer and the 20 Most Ridiculous Trick Shots in Tennis History

Solomon RyanCorrespondent IIJuly 7, 2011

Roger Federer and the 20 Most Ridiculous Trick Shots in Tennis History

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    Often we don’t hear much analysis of the match. Instead, we hear things like, “Did you see that shot he made? It was crazy.”

    That’s why everyone watches sportscenter's top plays.

    Fans like to see something that happens once in a lifetime. A shot that will define the athlete’s career.

    Of course, Roger Federer won’t be only known for his trick shots. He will be known for his illustrious career. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some ridiculous shots.

    Here is a list of the top 20 trick shots of all-time.

    Honorable mentions: Gael Monfils/Ivan Ljubicic

    Dominik Hrbaty/Roger Federer

    Roger Federer/Lleyton Hewitt

    Dmitry Tursunov/AndyMurray

20. James Blake Tweener vs. Feliciano Lopez

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    The through-the-legs shot is one of the prettiest shots in tennis. To do a lob through the legs is even harder than hitting a regular shot through the legs.

    Blake does this one to perfection. Seeing Blake come up with an unbelievable shot at the US Open is nothing new. It’s always satisfying to see opponents like Lopez smile after the point, acknowledging the effort by Blake.

19. Fabrice Santoro Tweener vs. Vincent Spadea

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    He was called "The Magician" for a reason. He might not have had the best game, but he did come up with some fabulous shots in his career. This behind-the-leg lob is just silly.

    Honorable mention: tweener against Federer at the US Open.

18. Andy Murray Through the Legs and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Dive

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    The great part about this point was that it wasn’t just one player who made a magnificent shot—both men did.

    Honorable mention: Andy Murray vs. Ivan Ljubicic at Wimbledon (through the legs)

17. Roger Federer Overhead from Baseline vs. Andy Roddick

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    How did Federer do this? An overhead winner on the baseline after Roddick smashed an overhead at net. Wow!

16. Dick Norman No-Look Lob vs. Nicolas Mahut

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    With only a flick of the wrist, something like that happens? No way. It’s too hard for me to imagine that shot going in.

15. Rafael Nadal Banana Shot vs. Fernando Gonzalez

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    The spin Nadal can generate is something we haven’t seen before. How he curves the ball in this instance, I will never understand.

14. Andy Roddick No-Look Pass vs. Nicolas Kiefer

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    Roddick still doesn’t know how he made this shot. He ran full speed backwards and didn’t have any sense of the court around him. Great shot!

13. Roddick's Serve Gets Stuck in Clay

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    As overrated as Roddick is, no one can argue he has one of the best serves. This is just plain silly.

12. Lleyton Hewitt Shot One Handed Backhand Stab vs. Robin Soderling

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    What could have been Hewitt's last attempt to beat a quality player. He put his heart on the line this year at Wimbledon against Robin Soderling. He was pretty close to winning but came up empty. This shot by Hewitt was amazing.

11. Taylor Dent Overhead vs. Thomas Johansson

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    This is just pure luck and a ridiculous shot that happens once in a lifetime.

10. John McEnroe Hits Backhand Down the Line Winner vs. Jimmy Connors

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    Not only was this great rivalry, it also provided some good points. McEnroe makes this shot look too easy.

9. Roger Federer Returning Andy Roddick Serve

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    Roddick, like so many other tennis players, could never figure Federer out. When Federer makes shots like these, he has a super-human advantage.

8. Roger Federer Forehand Winner vs. David Nalbandian

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    Back when there was a rivalry between Federer and Nalbandian, these kinds of matches were great to watch. Unfortunately, Federer is now dominating Nalbandian.

7. Pablo Cuevas Lunging Bachand Volley vs. Fernando Gonzalez

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    One word: insane. Laying out for that shot and having it go in was insane.

6. Janko Tipsarevic Crazy Shot vs. Marat Safin

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    I don’t how Tipsaravic twisted his wrist that much without breaking it.

5. Juan Martin Del Potro Running Through-the-Leg Lob vs. Tommy Robredo

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    When a 6’6" man can go through his legs on the run, and do a lob, you know he is going to be special.

4. Mary Pierce Running Through-the-Leg Winner vs. Monica Seles

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    The crowd's reaction and the commentator sum it up perfectly. It is too hard for me to imagine how she made that shot.

4. Gustavo Kuerten Backhand Slice Winner vs. Pete Sampras (5:10 Mark)

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    I know the video’s long, but if you don’t want to see the last two games, go to the 5:10 mark to see the shot. Kuerten was down a break point and had never beaten Sampras up until this match. The angle Kuerten puts on this ball is incredible.

3. Andre Agassi over the Head Winner vs. Alex Corretja

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    Take a bow. You deserve it.

2. Mikhail Youzhny Diving Net-Winner vs. Nicolas Almagro

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    Sorry, ignore the music; it makes no sense for this shot.

    Laying out on a hard court shows some real guts. Luckily, he won the point.

1. Roger Federer Tweener vs. Novak Djokovic

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    I have never seen Federer react that much to winning a single point. Djokovic's reaction is priceless. He is just in awe of what just happened. Who wouldn't be, though?


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