Creature vs. Creature 2.0: Round 2

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIJuly 3, 2011

Creature vs. Creature 2.0: Round 2

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    Bleacher creatures of both genders, little jimmies of all ages, it's time for the second round of this phenomenal competition.

    In the past week, we all saw fierce battles take place as if gladiators were fighting to the death in the Roman Coliseum. Only these battles were fought not with shield and sword but with ink upon page.

    When the dust had settled and the clock chimed at midnight, only the victors stood.

    Some battles were brutally dominated, while others were won by only the thick of the victor's skin. Those that have lost should be proud as they wrote phenomenally and gave it their alls, but sadly it was close but no cigar!

    Those who stand victorious must now face a challenge that would make grown men shriek in fear! The second round will be tougher, deadly, and will test to the very core.

    You will have to give your very all in order to outwit and out-write your opponents. 

    Lets see what that challenge shall be! 

Round Two: International

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    As some of you already know, the topic is international professional wrestling.

    It'll have nothing to do with any United States wrestler, promotions, or even the WWE for that matter. It'll test your research skills as most of you may have very little knowledge of the pro-wrestling in some regions of the world.

    Keep in mind that as the competition progresses, the topics will get harder and you'll be thrust further and further out of your convert zones! 

    Nearly all the same rules apply, and if you need to refresh your memory then you can read Joe Burgett's article, which obviously has the rules. Also, you no longer need to have "CvC 2.0" in the title of your articles as the powers that be want to be able to take advantage of the reads your fantastic pieces will earn.

    You'll still include your division, who you're facing, and your topic, as my ridiculous example here shows:

    Spongebob vs Pikachu
    Why The Miz's Mommy is Awesome

    Now let's see who all you'll be facing for opponents and the topics that have you biting your nails!

    Joe Burgett assisted me with the who-facing-who factor as well as creating topics. To be fair to you all, he also assigned me my topic!

Red Division

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    1. Dan Power vs. Ben Gartland

    Topic: Greatest Mosca (Flyweight) Luchado

    2. Tim Nguyen vs Daniel Massey

    Topic: Greatest Death-Match of All Time

    3. Kevin Stonebarger vs Rize

    Topic: Best Australian Wrestler Ever

Blue Division

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    1. Will J Baker vs Robert Aitken

    Topic: Best European Wrestler Yet to Wrestle in the U.S.

    2. ReDevil vs Charlie Groenewegon

    Topic: Worse Defunct Wrestling Promotion Internationally

    3. Jon Sainz vs Eric Kanes

    Topic: Best Lucha Libre Tag Team of All Time

Black Division

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    1. Chinmay vs Deal Yo

    Topic: Greatest Japanese Female Wrestler of All Time

    2. Jacob Waring vs Chris Mueller

    Topic: Best International Pro-Wrestling Style of All Time

White Division

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    1.  Tom Clark vs Muzzy Daud

    Topic: Best Promotion Internationally

    2. Buzz vs Hamster Fan

    Topic: Best Puerto Rican Promotion

Time to Rumble!

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    So, each of us know who our battle-hardened opponent is. We know our fearsome topics that will test every single brain cell that resides within our thick skulls.

    History will be made in the second round. Some Legends shall be created; some of the mighty shall fall.

    Those competing will never....EVER be the same again regardless of whether they win or lose.

    This competition changes boys into men.

    Now, it's time to rumble! If you're not down with that, I've got two words for ya.....