2011 Women's World Cup: Watch Equatorial Guinea Fan Freak Out After Missed Shot

Michael DixonAnalyst IIIJune 29, 2011

If you missed it, Norway defeated Equatorial Guinea 1-0 today in the Women's World Cup.

Equatorial Guinea is a country of just under 700,000 people, while Norway is the ninth-ranked team in the world.

While Norway took three shots on goal that hit the posts, the Norwegians didn't score their goal until the 84th minute of the game.

The Equatorial Guinea team, whose players are mostly Brazilian born, were in it until the very end. They were also presented with their own scoring opportunities, as they totaled 26 shots.

One of their opportunities is seen here. It also gives us a chance to see just how devoted their fans were during the hard-fought match.

Throughout the course of the match, Equatorial Guinea seemed to gain fans by the second. This guy, seen here at 0:19, looks far too passionate to be a new fan.

While Genoveva Anonma just missed, it did give us perhaps the most hilarious fan reaction of all time.


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