Terrell Owens: The 5 Best Celebrations of His Career

Matt Miller@nfldraftscoutNFL Draft Lead WriterJune 28, 2011

Terrell Owens: The 5 Best Celebrations of His Career

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    A torn ACL during the NFL offseason has folks questioning whether or not Terrell Owens will ever play again.

    At 38 years old, Owens is nearing the end of a brilliant yet troubled career.

    From a purely statistical standpoint few players in the history of the NFL have been as productive as Owens, but will his on and off-field antics keep Hall of Fame voters from considering him as a worthy enshrinee?

    While we will not know where Owens stands in the history of the NFL, we do know that when he was playing there were few who could entertain at his level.

T.O. Mocks Ray Lewis

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    Mocking Ray Lewis takes some serious intestinal fortitude, but Owens didn't hesitate when mocking the famous pre-game dance of the Ravens' middle linebacker.

    We'll give it up for Owens, he has never been afraid to take on anyone when it comes to a touchdown celebration.

Owens and the Pom Poms

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    Way back in 2002, when touchdown celebrations were entering their infancy, it was Owens who led the league in most creative ideas.

    So, when scoring a touchdown in the home end zone, Owens borrowed a set of pom poms and did his best impression of a 49er cheerleader.

Get Your Popcorn Ready!

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    Not only is "Get your popcorn ready" one of the most clever sayings I've ever heard, the touchdown celebration that followed is an all-time favorite.

    Owens, while a member of the Dallas Cowboys, scored a touchdown and then ate popcorn from fans in the end zone offering it to him.

    While this celebration was not planned, the timing and creativity involved were top notch.

A Star Is Born

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    The first celebration of Terrell Owen's career may have been his best.

    Owens famously caught a touchdown pass against the then-rival Dallas Cowboys, ran to mid-field and stood under the hole in the Cowboys stadium (where God looks down to watch his team play) and posed for the Almighty.

    The best part is that he did it twice.

    Owens bravado, and the shot he took from George Teague for doing it, are now legendary.

    Shame on the NFL for removing this video from YouTube.

Mr. Owens, Your John Hancock Please?

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    Having the foresight to stuff a Sharpie in your sock so you can sign a football after you score is genius on many levels.

    Owens knew he was going to score. You have to love that confidence.

    And that is why this ranks as the best touchdown celebration not only of Owens' career, but of all time.


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