WWE: The 15 Toughest Wrestlers of All Time

Bill Robbins@bill_kc28Correspondent IJune 14, 2011

WWE: The 15 Toughest Wrestlers of All Time

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    The professional wrestling business has produced some very tough wrestlers over the years.

    From The Big Show to Bill Goldberg, I have seen many tough wrestlers since I became a wrestling fan at a very young age.

    Here is my list of the 25 toughest pro wrestlers to ever step foot in a wrestling ring.

    The criteria that I graded the wrestlers in this list include: number of years in the wrestling business, number of wins against high-profile competition, and just overall toughness in the ring night in and night out.

    Let the debate begin.

Honorable Mention

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    The Rock

    Steve Blackman

    Ken Shamrock

    Harley Race

    Killer Kowalski

    Sid Vicious


    Brock Lesnar

    Hacksaw Jim Duggan



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    Years Active: 1978-2002

    Fun Fact: His signature finishing move was called the Tongan Death grip, which likely came from his real first name, Tonga.

Triple H

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    Years Active: 1992-Present

    Fun Fact: Triple H is married to long-time WWE Chairman Vince McMahon's daughter Stephanie in real life.

Andre the Giant

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    Years Active: 1963-1992

    Fun Fact: He was nicknamed "The Eighth Wonder of the World" because of his massive size.

Junkyard Dog

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    Years Active: 1977-1993

    Fun Fact: JYD's finishing move was called "The Thump."

Dean Malenko

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    Years Active: 1979-2001

    Fun Fact: Malenko used to be part of the wrestling group "The Four Horsemen" while in WCW.

Chris Benoit

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    Years Active: 1985-2007

    Fun Fact: Benoit's wrestled for at least four different major promotions throughout his 23-year career.

Brian Adams

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    Years Active: 1986-2003

    Fun Fact: Adams teamed up with fellow wrestler Bryan Clark to form the successful tag-team KroniK while wresting in WCW.


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    Years Active: 1996-2000

    Fun Fact: Mankind was one of four different characters that was played by wrestling legend Mick Foley.

Bruiser Brody

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    Years Active: 1973-1988

    Fact: Brody was murdered in 1988 while getting ready for an upcoming match in Puerto Rico.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    Years Active: 1989-2003

    Fun Fact: Stone Cold is one of the only wrestlers to use beer drinking for ways of celebration.

Tank Abbott

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    Years Active: 1999-2001

    Fun Fact: Abbott also had a career as a successful MMA fighter.


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    Years Active: 1993-Present

    Fun Fact: Kane's real name is Glenn Jacobs.

The Undertaker

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    Years Active: 1988-Present

    Fun Fact: The Undertaker once went by the name Texas Red early in wrestling career.

The Big Show

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    Years Active: 1995-Present

    Fun Fact: The Big Show has wrestled in the WCW, ECW and WWE throughout his lengthy pro wrestling career.


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    Years Active: 1997-2004

    Fun Fact: Goldberg was a former NFL defensive lineman for the L.A. Rams, Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers.