WWE: Jacob Novak, Michael Tarver Among 5 Reportedly Released

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst IJune 13, 2011

PWInsider.com has reported this afternoon that WWE has released five men from their contracts. The most notable men in the reports are former NXT rookies Michael Tarver and Jacob Novak.

Novak was a member of the fourth season of NXT, and was eliminated first. He would pop back up the following season for the NXT Redemption season. Novak was eliminated first as well. His main problem seemed to stem from his lack of charisma and gimmick.

Even with JTG as his pro during NXT Redemption, Novak began to dress like his pro and still did not receive much emotion from the crowd.

Tarver was a member of the first season of NXT and was eliminated first. Tarver would end up debuting with Nexus before being removed from the faction.

Tarver would pop up sporadically backstage during RAW and Smackdown episodes, but never had a match on either brand after leaving Nexus. Tarver recently changed his Twitter name to his real name, Tyrone Evans.

The other three men reportedly released today were developmental talent Buck Dixon, Buddy Stetcher and Ethan Levin. Dixon was a seldom-used second-generation superstar. Dixon's father was Henry Godwin. Stetcher and Levin were rarely seen on FCW and apparently did not impress enough to stick around.

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This seems to be the first major shot fired by WWE in their much-anticipated mass firings that WWE is expected to do in order to cut costs.

Considering that of the five releases, two of them were talent featured in NXT and another is the son of a former superstar, it's hard to believe that anyone is safe.