NHL Power Rankings: Ranking Each Team's Logo

Adam HawkinsContributor IIIJune 9, 2011

NHL Power Rankings: Ranking Each Team's Logo

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    While there may be some in the sporting world who are not hockey fans and couldn't tell the difference between the Vancouver Canucks and the Montreal Canadiens, the NHL is home to some of sport's greatest uniforms and greatest logos.

    When ranking hockey's greatest logos, it is important to take into account the history of the logos, the changes that the team has made to their logo over the years, and the length of time that the logo will be expected to last.

    The classic logos in the NHL, especially those from the Original Six, will always rank the highest in the minds of hockey fans, but the rest of the teams have gone through many reincarnations of their logos before settling on the current 2011 version.

    Every logo used in this article is courtesy of sportslogos.net.

    There are many who may disagree with my list ranking the current NHL logos, and I hope to hear arguments for or against my selections in the comment section.

30. Anaheim Ducks

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    If they stayed the Mighty Ducks, we would be looking at a completely different story. Since Anaheim became just the Ducks, their colors and logo have gone downhill. All we see now is a nameplate in gold and orange. And don't even get me started on the team's new alternate uniforms.

29. Carolina Hurricanes

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    I understand the idea behind the logo from Carolina, however, the design is boring and doesn't look like a lot of thought was put into it. The uniforms could also use a major upgrade with the strange squares lining the bottom.

28. Atlanta Thrashers

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    Luckily the Thrashers won't have to worry about being this low on the list next year. With their move to Winnipeg starting next season, the franchise may strike gold with a new logo for their new team.

27. Nashville Predators

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    The Predators found themselves in the playoffs this season, but they find themselves in the bottom five of this list of best NHL logos. There's something about the logos of the league's newest teams that is unimpressive.

26. Colorado Avalanche

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    A logo which will forever be linked to Patrick Roy and Joe Sakic, the Avalanche unfortunately do not rank high on this list. It needs a major upgrade, or else the team should just become the Colorado Nordiques.

25. Minnesota Wild

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    The landscape scene portrayed in the animal's face is somewhat interesting, however, the logo doesn't do much for me. The Wild have one of the best logos from the teams established in the late-1990s and early-2000s, but that isn't saying much.

24. Los Angeles Kings

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    The Kings appear to be moving away from the purple color scheme which would be a welcome sign to most hockey fans and brings the Kings back to their time with Wayne Gretzky. Their current logo with purple looks rushed and is much too simple of a design.

23. Florida Panthers

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    This logo may be ranked a bit low, but I couldn't bring myself to rank it any higher than this. The team hasn't changed it much since the Panthers were established in 1993 and maybe a change will bring some much-needed success to Miami.

22. Dallas Stars

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    A logo which has never really done much for me. The "A" used at the top of the star looks lazy to me and the team's uniforms since moving to the Reebok Edge have been less than impressive.

21. Washington Capitals

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    While the Capitals may have one of the best teams in the NHL including Alex Ovechkin, their logo is much too boring for the team. At least they went back to the red and blue colors from their past instead of using the blue, black and gold from 1995-2006.

20. Columbus Blue Jackets

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    The Blue Jackets have made the playoffs just once in their 10-year history, getting swept by the Red Wings in the process. Their logo uses the Ohio state flag and although the idea is good, the logo fails to crack the teens on this list.

19. Calgary Flames

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    A somewhat classic logo, the Flames could go for an update as well. The team has used this logo since the 1980/1981 season when the Flames were founded, but the look is getting a bit old.

18. Vancouver Canucks

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    A Stanley Cup team this season, the Canucks moved away from their red and yellow logos and now use an orca whale for their logo. However, the hockey stick logos the team uses on their alternate jerseys rank much higher than this.

17. St. Louis Blues

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    The logo works because the team was named after a song called "St. Louis Blues," but a music note isn't a terribly exciting logo. Although it is somewhat of a classic, I couldn't put this ahead of any other logos.

16. Buffalo Sabres

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    A re-imagining of the team's original logos, the Sabres were lucky to get rid of their slug-like logo which plagued the team's uniforms from the 2006/2007 season until 2010. Their change for this season moves them up at least 10 spots in this list.

15. Tampa Bay Lightning

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    The Lightning will take on a new logo and jersey scheme next season after they had a promising run through this year's NHL playoffs. The simplicity of the new logo gives it a classic feel that all hockey fans will respect.

14. San Jose Sharks

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    One of the best of the non-classical looking logos, the Sharks are on only their second logo since 1991, but they have succeeded with their sleek-looking shark mixed with a small amount of orange sprinkled into the logo. The original logo used by San Jose used a less menacing shark, something the designers changed in the newest version.

13. New York Islanders

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    Much better than the fisherman logo the Islanders used for two years in the 90s, the team has used the current logo in three different versions throughout their history. It has the classical feel all hockey fans look for and have also gone classic with their new uniforms.

12. Phoenix Coyotes

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    Some may disagree with my high pick for the Coyotes here, but this version, which was introduced following the team's original "block" coyote and I was impressed by the team's decision to change. Although there is turmoil in Phoenix and the team may not last, their logo ranks here at No. 12.

11. Ottawa Senators

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    A team which has only been around since the early-1990s, the Senators' logo is one of the few new logos that actually works. The color scheme is great and the menacing face makes this a successful logo.

10. Pittsburgh Penguins

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    The Penguins have gone back to their roots with a classic-looking logo showing the penguin wearing old hockey equipment. The robo-penguin from the 90s was replaced toward the end of Mario Lemieux's tenure as a player and the new logo will forever be related to Sidney Crosby.

9. New Jersey Devils

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    The team's only logo since 1982, except for about 10 years of a Christmas color scheme. The red shape in the logo subtlety spells out the "N" and "J" for New Jersey but still has the horns and tail associated with a devil.

8. Edmonton Oilers

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    The last logo before we get into the Original Six, the Oilers letters resemble oil drips to match with the orange drip at the top of the circle. The team's move to their classic uniforms this season only make this young team look better.

7. New York Rangers

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    The first of the Original Six teams on the list is the New York Rangers. A classic look and feel, perfect colors, and the shield just looks impressive. The slanted writing in the logo matches that of the uniform, one of the best in the sport.

6. Montreal Canadiens

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    The next two are interchangeable, but the second Original Six team cracks the list at No. 6. The Canadiens have one of the most recognizable logos in sports. A little known fact, the H in the middle of the logo does not stand for "Habs" but instead stands for "Hockey."

5. Boston Bruins

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    The Bruins wheel along with the great color scheme places Boston in the top five. The team is also currently in the Stanley Cup Finals, something Bruins fans will be more excited about than ranking fifth on this list.

4. Toronto Maple Leafs

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    The classic maple leaf. Representative of both the Toronto Maple Leafs and Canada, the logo has gone through just a few reincarnations since the team was founded in 1926. If only the team's on-ice play could match the beauty of their logo.

3. Philadelphia Flyers

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    The only non-Original Six team in the top seven, the Flyers' logo may be seen as weird by some, but they have been using it since the team's inception in 1967, so the designers obviously did something right.

2. Detroit Red Wings

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    The classic winged wheel. The Red Wings' color scheme may be boring to some, but their logo is the oldest in the NHL and will continue to represent the team into the future. The team's success makes their logo recognizable around the world.

1. Chicago Blackhawks

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    The best logo in the NHL, possibly in all of sports. The assortment of colors on an indian's head dress, and the classical feel all make the Blackhawks logo unmatchable.


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