MMA: The 15 Most Gruesome Cut Images on the Web

Andrew MahlmannCorrespondent IJune 8, 2011

MMA: The 15 Most Gruesome Cut Images on the Web

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    Cuts are a part of the fight game. They are the portal through which blood passes to soak our favorite fighters mid-battle.  

    The following, however, are not the bloodiest photos. That would be stuff like this, this, this, and this.

    This is a closer look at the nature of the portal itself.  

    Some cuts are straight and some are jagged. Some reveal more tissue while others offer a more skeletal view. 

    These are the top 15 most gruesome and gnarly MMA cut images on the web. Do enjoy.

Honorary Mention: Martin Kampmann (in Training)

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    If this cut did not happen during training, it would rank quite high on this list.

    What in the world happened?

    Here is an honorable mention for Kurt Pellegrino's tooth going through his face.

15. Nick Diaz (from Gomi Fight)

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    It is all stitched up, but this is the best photo for this cut.

    Diaz has a propensity for getting cut up, and this is a the largest documented cut to Diaz's infamous mean mug that I could find.

14. Chuck Liddell (from Franklin Fight)

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    Rich Franklin really busted Chuck Liddell up something good.

    Not only does Chuck's upper lip have a nice cut on it, he has a glorious crescent moon of a gash over his left eye.

13. Matt Hamill (from Boetsch Fight)

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    Matt Hamill ate some Tim Boetsch knees to get this doozy.

    It is half cut, half chunk of flesh crumbling off.

12. Chael Sonnen (from Marquardt Fight)

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    Hey Chael, you have something crawling on your forehead.

    Oh wait, no, that is a giant gash from Nate Marquardt's elbow.

11. Stefan Struve (from Stojnic)

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    No. That is not a picture of Harry Potter.

    This nasty cut bled all over the place.

10. Brock Lesnar (from Velasquez Fight)

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    Brock Lesnar lost his heavyweight title getting punched in the face very hard by Cain Velasquez.

    Can someone close the shutter? There's a breeze in here.

9. Kalib Starnes (from Belcher Fight)

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    A nice cut on Kalib the fight before he was entirely cut from the UFC.

    Here is another look at it.

8. Cub Swanson (from Aldo Fight)

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    Jose Aldo threw a knee with the intention of cracking Cub Swanson's skull, but all it did was bust open his forehead right above his eye.

7. Fedor Emelianenko (from Koshaka 1 Fight)

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    It does not look too terrible, unless you decide you want to go ahead and look at Fedor's skull.

    I always said that Fedor's physical form should be donated to science.

6. Abe Wagner (from Madsen on TUF Fight)

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    Abe Wagner is no cupcake, but when Jon Madsen started raining down elbows, his flesh had no choice but to give way.

5. Evan Dunham (from Sherk Fight)

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    Yes! Spread it open please.

    Flap of skin? Check! Big gaping hole? Check!

4. Diego Sanchez (from Penn Fight)

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    Hey Diego, you are missing part of your face.

    Oh, never mind, apparently you can just fill it with vaseline.

3. Ross Pointon (from Zaromskis Fight)

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    How old is Ross Pointon?

    You can tell from just counting the rings!

2. Miguel Torres (from Benavidez Fight)

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    Miguel Torres is not a Terminator sent back from the future so please stop trying to peel his skin off.

    A picture of his cut all stitched up is almost just as gnarly, here.

1. Marvin Eastman (from Belfort Fight)

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    Such a classic. It is really going to take a special photo to usurp this baby.

    Belfort threw a knee to Eastman's head that apparently went through the flesh on his forehead like a hot knife through butter.