WWE's New Blueprint: Why This Superstar Deserves a Second Chance with the WWE

RiZESenior Writer IJune 6, 2011

Before I begin, I would like to note that this is a consolation article. As I observed the names chosen for the competition, I noticed a certain Superstar was missing. This is not apart of the competition.

The Creature vs. Creature competition has become an irregular tradition among B/R’s pro wrestling writers. Having competed in four, I am no stranger to the competition and the lost art of debates that tend to follow.

Since my first competition, I’ve never observed a topic that has created more controversy and weariness.

I’ve observed rants; heartfelt entries, and numerous debuts throughout this competition.

As I sit here almost a week after my entry, I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed each article in my own way. In addition to this, I’m amazed and surprised by the overall reaction of commenters.

Perhaps the most important thing I’ve noticed is that each writer believes in their particular choice.

From an Olympic Hero to a shafted loud mouth to a guy I would’ve considered an after thought before this competition.

As for myself, I stand by my choice but I firmly believe there’s another man who deserves a second chance. Behind Rob Van Dam, there’s this Superstar that was once employed by the WWE.

His time in the WWE was bittersweet.

He achieved his dream of becoming a WWE Superstar but was also the center of one of the worst angles I’ve ever witnessed.

This Superstar was labeled the Blueprint, a young talent that possessed the tools to become a major WWE Superstar. Instead, this Superstar became another entry's bodyguard with a horrible speech disorder.

Unlike the majority, this Superstar’s release from the WWE didn’t stem from backstage problems, burnout, or his own personal actions.

This former Superstar spent his last moments in the WWE receiving a beating from guys who could’ve easily been destroyed with little effort on his part.

Who is this Superstar?

This monster stands seven feet tall, over three hundred pounds, the DNA of TNA, Matt Morgan.

Why does Matt Morgan deserve a second chance in the WWE? First of all, Morgan barely received a first chance.

As I stated above, Morgan spent his stint in the WWE as Carlito’s bodyguard, Brock Lesnar’s lackey, and Big Show’s punching bag. To put my statement simply, he was buried.

As a longtime WWE fan, burials are as normal as the sun rising in the morning.

The problem is, Morgan was buried and released for no apparent reason.

With that being said, much like his nickname signifies, Morgan possesses the tools to become a major WWE Superstar. The typical WWE Superstar must possess ring skills, mic skills, and charisma. After observing TNA for the past five years, I can safely say, Morgan possesses each attribute.

Another attribute Morgan possesses that is note worthy is the look. There’s no secret that Vince McMahon takes a particular liking to tall, muscular, and powerful WWE Superstars.

The next reason Matt Morgan deserves a second chance is adds to my last statement. Even though Vince fancies muscular Superstars, there’s a shortage of these particular Superstars.

The Undertaker, Kane, and the Big Show aren’t getting any younger. The Undertaker has one more match, as Big Show and Kane will obviously retire in the years to come.

Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan are currently being pushed as the future VKM Superstar.

Matt Morgan is noticeably better than both Superstars. Ryan and Jackson are both bland when it comes to cutting promos as they are in the ring. Matt Morgan put on one of the best big man match displays during a match with Kurt Angle.

TNA Bound for Glory 2009 was the match that established Morgan as a franchise player.

Lack of Main Event Talent (SmackDown)

Before the detractors flock to the comment section, let me explain why I believe Morgan would be a main event player. As I stated above, Morgan is Vince McMahon’s dream and he is the total package.

Shawn Michaels, Edge, Batista, Undertaker, Triple H, and Chris Jericho have left in ring competition.

The best Superstar in the WWE today, CM Punk, has been the center to rumors of a departure lately.

Just imagine if Orton successfully defended the World Title as Matt Morgan drops the Champion with a Carbon Footprint?

Christian, Sheamus, and Mark Henry just won’t last Orton throughout a year.

Feud Opportunities

Matt Morgan’s rivalry opportunities are endless. The Blueprint could face fellow big men in Ezekiel Jackson, Mason Ryan, Kane, or his old foe, The Big Show. 

What if Morgan was Undertaker’s last WrestleMania opponent? Of course, Morgan doesn’t have to win the match to acquire more credibility from the bout.

I think we’d rather see Morgan vs. Taker than Triple H vs. Undertaker III.

Simply put, Undertaker’s last match should be against a younger Superstar.

It worked for Orton.

And last but not least, Morgan truly deserves a second  chance. Matt was never given a proper chance to become a huge WWE Superstar.

Morgan possessed all of the potential in the world but wasn’t given the proper opportunity.

Not to insult my fellow writers and their choices but Morgan was one of the few to didn’t cause (or ask) for his release in some way.

In closing, Matt Morgan is a Superstar plagued by the perks of pro wrestling. Morgan was a Superstar whose dream was taken away from him for no apparent reason.

Because of this, Matt Morgan is an Uncrowned WWE Superstar.


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