5 Wrestling Storylines That Have Gone on Too Long

Alex BakerCorrespondent IIIJune 4, 2011

5 Wrestling Storylines That Have Gone on Too Long

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    So after watching the end of TNA this past Thursday, it got me thinking: Do you guys realize that the power struggle storyline has been going since August last year?

    The angle has almost come full circle on the calendar with no reason to think that it will end anytime in the near future. Immortal, Fortune, The Network, The X-Division, Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter, Eric Bischoff; the players have changed but the song remains the same.

    Looking around wrestling these days, there are a lot of story arcs that have been dragged on for too long in my opinion. So without further ado, here's the top five wrestling storylines that NEED to end.

Honorable Mention

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    If any storyline should be on this list, it's the Jerry "The King" Lawler/Michael Cole feud.

    Sadly this feud came to an end at Extreme Rules, but it's memory will still live on as one of the worst feuds (matches) ever. This epic clashing of the titans lasted three pay-per-views before Lawler finally...FINALLY beat Cole.

    Look I liked Cole's heel persona—it was fun—and I liked the Cole-Mine, which was a great idea, but the matches were terrible. And let us not forget that this feud killed Jack Swagger in the minds of many everyday wrestling fans.

    And let's also not forget how stupid Cole's foot fungus...thing looked; it was like Creative sprinkled pepper on his foot and called it a day. Not even Stone Cold "Don't you call me Randy Orton" Steve Austin could save this feud.

    So here's to you Lawler/Cole feud, may you always be remembered for just how bad you really were.

5. The Nexus and the Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre

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    If you can't tell I like making fun of the Corre's name, not because they spell the word core with two r's for some reason, but because...actually no thats exactly why I make fun of the Corrrrrrrrrrrre.

    When the Nexus first appeared on Raw, it was a great twist. In an age of Internet spoilers and cynical wrestling fans (like yours truly), it was one of the best twists in recent memory.

    Since then, however, the angle has gotten stale. You can always expect the Corrrrrrre and the Nexus to interfere and either lose by DQ, lose and then jump the opponent(s) afterwards, or win by interfering.

    Lucky for us the Corrrrre looks like it might break up any SmackDown now, and the Nexus will likely fall apart once Punk leaves (if Punk does, in fact, leave).

    These two groups have been dragging on so long that the NwO thinks these two groups need to go away.

A Side Note on the Corrrrrrrrrre

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    I feel I should tell you guys a little tale about why the Corre has two R's in their name.

    Slater (a.k.a. The One Man Rock Band) went to the patent office for the WWE to place a copyright on the name The Core. When he was filling out the application he accidentally wrote Corre with two R's, thus proving that the name isn't intentionally stupid, it's just stupid.

4. The Jarretts and Kurt Angle

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    This feud just will not die. I'm about this close from shooting it in the head because I think it might actually be the wrestling equivalent of a zombie.

    But in all honesty, at least these two put on great matches. There's just one problem: WE'VE SEEN THESE TWO IN WHAT SEEMS LIKE A MILLION MATCHES. 

    And don't even get me started on Karen. I mean, my god, her going down on this past Thursday might have been my biggest mark-out moment since Christian won the WHC at Extreme Rules. It was great. I broke my ankle celebrating it.

    This feud may have started out one of the best in TNA, but it's gone downhill faster than my interest in a conversation after someone tries to compare CZW to ECW.

    (On that note, why do people do that? As a guy that came into wrestling watching ECW back in the day, what comparison do people see other than the hardcore style? CZW lacks substance and technical style. Comparing CZW to ECW is like comparing Pro Wrestling with Greco-Roman Wrestling; they're two different ballparks.)

3. The Anonymous Raw GM

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    *Spoilers* It's a piece of paper
    *Spoilers* It's a piece of paper

    MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, THE ANONYMOUS RAW GM would like me to ask you if any of you remember when the Raw GM was new and fresh? Yeah, me neither, but at some point this storyline had to be fresh.

    When the Raw GM started off I said great, it's ECW on TNN all over again. One year later I'm like, great it's ECW on TNN, only difference is IT NEVER ENDS. My god this angle has been going on for way too long. They even started hinting that this would come to an end by playing several leens intros and using their catchphrases to keep us on our toes for when they finally revealed who the GM was.

    Well after a lot of research I now know who the Raw GM is...IT'S A PIECE OF PAPER!!!! Dear WWE, you already have the laptop open, the least you could do is create an actual email to help me pretend it's real.

    Well with Foley (maybe) being fired from TNA, we could see the GM turn out to be him...or maybe the Raw GM will continue to exist until WrestleMania next year and turn out to be The Rock, or my personal pick THE YE-TAY!!!!

    Or maybe I just don't care anymore.

    The Raw GM thing needs to end, though it likely won't; it will continue to go on forever, tormenting all of us that dream of the day we never have to hear Cole say "May I have your attention please..."

2. The PPV's Named After Gimmick Match

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    He hears voice in his head and they tell him to do more headlocks
    He hears voice in his head and they tell him to do more headlocks

    Yeah, yeah, I know, this isn't a storyline, but it's my article and I'll do what I want. Don't make me get Teddy "May my pimp hand be strong 'n Long" in here to slap a b*tch.

    All kidding aside, the gimmick match to me should be saved for special occasions, not every match on the card. Hey Vince, here's an idea: Call a pay-per-view WWE Presents: Weapon on a Pole 2011, where every match has a pole in it that has a weapon at the top of the pole. Whats that? Vince Russo already did that in WCW? Damn it.

    Okay, fine, so this doesn't actually count on the list, but it needs to end nonetheless.

2. (for Reals This Time) ECW and WCW Originals

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    I don't give TNA enough credit as a company, and for that I am sorry. The reason I'm so hard on them is that I want them to do well; I don't want Vinnie Mace to have a monopoly on wrestling, so I try to be critical on them so that they win in the long run.

    Let me start off by saying TNA, thank you for everything you did for ECW. That last ECW pay-per-view was everything I ever wanted for an ECW tribute. It was like watching my childhood again. That being said, you and the WWE both need to stop talking about ECW and WCW. Every time you bring it up, I die a little inside.

    ECW and WCW are my childhood.

    They're the companies that made me the wrestling fan I am today. Using their name, their storylines, their wrestlers and their gimmicks as a way to get over with me and the rest of the old school wrestling fans is a slap in the face to me as a fan.

    I thank you for everything you did paying tribute to those companies, but please, let them go gently into that sweet night and blaze your own trails. That's the only way you'll ever compete with the WWE.

1. TNA's Endless Power Struggle

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    Dear TNA, you remember what I said on the last slide about ECW? Stop stealing ECW on TNN's 1999 power struggle storyline. It didn't work for them back then, and it sure as hell isn't working for you guys now. 

    Look, maybe it's because I'm not the biggest Hogan fan in the world, but is anyone else sick of seeing him on your screen telling us that TNA is heading for big things, BROTHER! YAPPA PA STRAP MATCH BROTHER! HULK-A-MANIA RUNNIN WILD BROTHER!!! 

    I mean come on, this storyline has been going on for over a year now; let it die. I no longer care who controls TNA, just as long as the wrestlings good and the characters are built good.

    I just don't care about this storyline anymore. Please let it and Vince Russo go out to the field somewhere and die, cold and alone. But that's not going to happen, the power struggle will continue until TNA goes out of business and ROH gets it chance at taking on WWE.

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    I made this slide to tell you guys thanks for reading and please comment below. Also, because I'm so bias towards Ring of Honor I felt I might as well throw a picture of them in here.

    If you want me to tell you a Ring of Honor storyline that needs to die I would probably tell you that I'm starting to get board of the Embassy, but that's about it. Also I'm reviewing ROH's Honor Takes Center Stage PPV, so be on the look out for that.