SEC Baseball Tournament: Watch Florida Gators Pitcher Get Hit in Head

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistJune 1, 2011


That's a tough video to watch. Anytime a player is hit in the head, it's a very serious matter. 

This video is from the SEC Baseball Tournament, where catcher Mike Zunino knocked Florida Gators sophomore pitcher Brian Johnson out this past Saturday on a throw to second base.

Zunino clearly stumbled in his process of trying to throw the runner out. He released the ball too late, and it ended up hitting Johnson in the head. 

Johnson lay motionless on the ground for a minute. It was a scary situation. Thankfully Johnson is OK and only suffered a mild concussion.

After a CT scan doctors found no fractures, bruises or bleeding. Who know what would have happened if Johnson didn't turn his head?

The Gators went on to lose that game, but they did end up winning the SEC tournament.

Florida will host Manhattan this Friday in the NCAA Regionals. The game is on ESPNU at 4:00 pm ET. The Gators are in good position to win the regional since they are the hosts this weekend.

Johnson will surely be re-evaluated before pitching again. Florida can most likely get by without him this weekend, but when the NCAA Super Regionals take place in two weeks, hopefully he will be ready to go.

Florida is 45-16 this year and should be one of the teams headed to Omaha, Nebraska in a few weeks.


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