Most Brutal Face-Kicks in Sports

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIMay 26, 2011

Most Brutal Face-Kicks in Sports

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    When two athletes feel the adrenaline run through their veins and are able to reach top speed, nothing else matters, including the opponent's face.

    While often times this leads to horrific accidents, there are those situations when a player decides to face-kick his opponent while standing still.

    After waking up lively and ready for the day, he is now disfigured and dazed.

    These face kicks can ruin careers or destroy psyches but are impossible to avoid.

    This element of sports can haunt many athletes but often occurs unexpectedly.

    Here are the most brutal face-kicks in sports.


20. This Is Not a Flop

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    This is what happens when a fighter gets cornered.

    Out of options, he takes this kick like a deer in headlights.

    There is no reaction as he is perfectly stiff and incoherent.

    Just like stepping on a rake and having it hit you in the face.

19. Like Father Like Son

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    While he hesitates for a moment, John Cena's father finally ends Randy Orton's night.

    It's not as if Cena needs his father's help but his involvement makes the match that much more entertaining.

    Orton will never live this down.

18. U Got It Bad

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    Most men were thrilled while watching this.

    The womanizing pop star took a crack to the face by a star-struck fan who was beside herself trying to apologize afterwards.

    Since he's a minority owner in the Cleveland Cavs and the kick is in slow motion, he gets to be on the list.

    He's going to be singing "Burn" to himself in the mirror later to release the pain. 

    Fans, on the other hand, may be singing "Yeah."

    Okay, I am done with bad Usher jokes. tip your waitress.

17. Good Game in Swedish

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    Congratulations in Sweden differs slightly from American culture.

    After AC Milan won the Serie A against AS Roma, forward Antonio Cassano was being interviewed for his intriguing post-game comments. 

    While we give handshakes in the United States, Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave him a traditional kick to the head.

    Their way is better.

16. Chin Music for the Catcher Too

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    Izzy Alcantara believes he is thrown at and decides to take matters into his own hands.

    What he doesn't realize is that the pitch was thrown perfectly over the heart of the plate.

    Maybe it was slightly up and inside but that doesn't mean he can annihilate the catcher.

    Flailing at the pitcher like a drunken sailor, Alcantara needs to work on his punches as well.

15. The Flying Gentleman

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    Known for his flying kicks and knee attacks, Remy Bonjasky is known as a gentleman of the sport.

    The Dutch super heavyweight kickboxer of Surinamese descent and three-time K-1 World Grand Prix champion ends this fight quickly.

    His opponent is flailing around and tossing punches as Bonjasky stands and waits for the perfect moment.

    Just like that, it's over.

14. Toes Up

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    Toes to the face might be just as painful as the entire foot.

    Hopefully the victim didn't catch a hang nail to the nose.

    After this kick, not much more can go wrong for him but let's see it in slow motion a few more times just for fun. 

13. Camel Spins to the Face

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    Call him the whirling dervish of death.

    Reminiscent of the bloody scene in Blades of Glory, this act of violence is unfortunate and unexpected.

    As he creeps closer to her with every spin, all one can hope for is a lacerated cheek.

    At least her head is still connected to her neck.

12. Kick the Dog When He's Down

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    Does the referee know he has to blow the whistle to stop the fight?

    It's clear that Pro Wrestling Noah star Kenta Kobayashi, known as KENTA, faces little competition but isn't hesitant to keep beating his opponents down.

    Do they ever stop the fights?

11. Flagrant Face

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    Many have called Bruce Bowen a dirty player, despite his reputation as a lock-down perimeter defender.

    His aggressiveness has led to eight NBA All-Defensive First and Second Team selections.

    A crucial component of three Championship Spurs squads, he irked the most premiere scorers in the league from 1993 to 2009.

    Now he's bothering fans with his NBA analysis.

10. Waffle Face

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    Velez Sarsfield goalie Gaston Sessa gives Boca's Rodrigo Palacio the gift that keeps on giving.

    Sessa's cleat makes a tasty waffle out of Palacio's face.

    Midnight snack?

9. Head Soccer

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    It's safe to say that the camaraderie on Brazil was not at its best during this play.

    While he missed the ball completely, Diego Dedon's teammate did connect with Dedon's face perfectly.

    Carted off the field, Dedon may experience some unexpected flashbacks from now on.

    Perhaps Brazil needs to adjust their kicking drills to suit pressure situations.

8. Dazed and Confused

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    Victims in The Ring had the same expression on their faces after watching the mysterious videotape.

    Seemingly in rigor mortis, this Muay Thai fighter may retire earlier than expected.

    Thailand's national sport requires fearlessness and strong limbs.

    The victim may not have anything left after this kick.

7. Bringing Him Back to Childhood

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    After this kick, he's in another dimension or dreaming of raining meatballs.

    Everything is flying through his mind as he tries to find his bearings.

    How he gets up at all is remarkable.

6. Silva Sets the Tone

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    That is called a knockout.

    With a vicious kick to the face of Vitor Belfort, Anderson Silva ends the match and makes sure that his opponent remembers this one. 

    However, it may be hard for Belfort to remember anything with his cavity shoved back into his brain.

    Some ice should help that.

5. Tae Kwon Done

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    There is no doubt he'll be eating ice cream and soup for a month.

    After a long pause and no attacks thrown by either participant, one fighter lets a quick spin move distract his opponent just long enough to whip the leg around.

    Whiplash at its finest.

4. He Took the Red Pill

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    Anthony Pettis, you are the one.

    Seemingly in the Matrix, the acrobatic fighter pushes off the wall and levels his opponent.

    Clearly the red pill wasn't a reality check but actually steroids.

3. Tour De Face

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    Uruguay's Martin Caceres must be livid, that could've been a beautiful goal.

    Some might say it's the head of the Netherlands' Demy de Zeeuw that got in the way.

    One think is certain, his face will ever look the same.

2. I Told You Not to Call Me Surely

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    It's clear that he was running around calling him surely for the entire first half and the attacker didn't embrace it.

    The ball wasn't even remotely close to the victim's face.

    The kicker decided to display his karate skills and send his opponent to the showers early.

    He might have gotten the idea from Todd Bertuzzi, who he should avoid hanging out with.

1. The Brutilized Belgian

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    His nose didn't even get to say goodbye.

    Born in Belgium, Standard Liège's Mahdi Carcele got a surprise visit during a Belgian championship soccer league match, from a foot. 

    Suffering a serious concussion, fractures to the face and broken teeth, he came out a champ.