Clemson Baseball Video: Watch Tigers Clown Around During Rain Delay

Adam Wells@adamwells1985Featured ColumnistMay 19, 2011

Baseball is a fun game to watch. There is something magical about this game, more so than any other game, because it is so unique. But there are times when mother nature intervenes with the game and we are forced to deal with the agony of a rain delay.

Fortunately for the players at Clemson and Davidson, we have been given an entertaining rain delay routine that baseball teams at every level should try to emulate when the weather isn't cooperating.

These two teams engaged in quite the back and forth battle on the field and they weren't even playing baseball. It started with a human bowling challenge where 10 Clemson players lined up down the first baseline and one of their teammates rolled down to knock them over.

Things escalated a bit after that as Davidson got in on the action with an old western draw. Then there was some hunting, horse racing, football, curling, fight club, weight lifting. It was basically a bunch of different events that you would see in the Olympics brought to life by these two teams.

And who says that a rain delay has to be a bad thing?

Of course, there is a drawback to all this. That being whenever there is another rain delay featuring either one of these two teams, they will be forced to top themselves with their routine.

But kudos to both teams for taking what is usually an otherwise dull time for the crowd and themselves and turning it into a fun, happy and joyous occasion.


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