Tomilinson and Campbells: The Chunky Slump

Randy VillarbaContributor IOctober 18, 2008

Any San Diego Chargers fan is well aware that their bread and butter tailback is running a little stale lately. Most sports experts have been chalking up his slow start of 405 rushing yards, 124 receiving and four TDs to his early season toe injury.

It wasn't until I was three quarters drunk into last weeks Chargers 30-10 victory over New England that cause of LT's sub par performance was brought to my attention: Tomlinson was this season's Campbell's Chunky Soup spokesperson.

Tomlinson has always been one to give superstitious endorsement curses their due notice. In the past, LT has been able to steer clear of the Madden video game cover. A scary coincidence of misfortune hitting Vince Young, Shaun Alexander, Donovan Mcnabb, and Michael Vick after they graced the cover.

A little less noticed is the Campbell's Chunky Soup curse, which has its share of victims. Dating back to 2002's spokesperson Terell Davis the Chunky curse has reared its ugly head, hindering or limiting performances of players once thought to be invincible.

Kurt Warner, Vince Young, Shaun Alexander, Michael Vick, Matt Hasselbeck, Ben Rothlisberger to name a few; all have fallen victim to the curse in one way or another. The scientific correlation between Chunky Soup to season hindering injuries, motorcycle accidents, or physical and emotional breakdowns of careers has yet to be proved, although the evidence is quite compelling.

"The Chunky Soup Curse is the belief that every NFL player who endorses Campbell's Chunky Soup will suffer a rash of career- or even life-threatening injuries, failure on the field, humiliation, and ultimately defeat." From chunkysoupcurse.com.