Radford Baseball Video: Watch Players Turn Rain Delay into Jousting Battle

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistMay 16, 2011

College kids have all the fun.

It would appear this way as the Radford baseball team made the most of its rain delay yesterday against High Point.

Radford pitcher Mark Peterson climbed on a teammate's shoulders and charged towards High Point catcher Kyle Mahoney.

Both players wore helmets and chest protectors as they prepared to compete in the medieval pastime of jousting.

I won't tell you who wins the joust; you'll have to watch the video for that one.

Playing in the rain is nothing new in college baseball. We all remember a year ago when Florida Atlantic went toe-to-toe with Western Kentucky in a rain delay dance-off. That video was epic.

The joust match is nowhere close to the show put on by FAU and WKU, but it's up there in terms of a great performance. I love the music in the background as the two players get set.   

I only wish Major League Baseball players would put on a show similar to this. It would be great to see veterans like Derek Jeter or Chipper Jones out in the rain having fun in front of their faithful fans.

That'll never happen because they're paid to play ball, whereas college kids do it for the love of the game.


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