V8 Supercar Explosion Video: Watch Karl Reindler's Car Burst into Flames

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 11, 2011

Auto racing is dangerous. In other news, I also go by Captain Obvious in smaller circles. The racing world has gone to great lengths to shore up some of the glaring deficiencies in regards to safety.

NASCAR has revamped their cages. Now the world of V8 Supercar is going to make some changes after Karl Reindler's car became engulfed in flames at Perth.

The video posted shows the cars getting revved up for the start of the race. As it gets underway, a car in the rear stalls and immediately flames out.

The scary scene left Karl Reindler with minor burns, but it goes without saying that it could have been much worse.

That brings me to some changes being made. After Reindler stalled, he was rear ended. Organizers are creating a Car of the Future design that will move the fuel tank farther forward to eliminate such a scene.

The car will be ready by 2013 according to this Yahoo Sports report. So the spectacular burst of flames is not without purpose. Reindler may have lost out in the Perth round, but drivers will be safer for his demise.

My only question is why it will take so long to put the changes into practice. After seeing how quickly these flames ignited, I would want immediate change before I stepped foot into another V8 Supercar.


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