Matt Hughes Not Impressed by GSP's Performance at UFC 129

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IMay 11, 2011

Note to Georges St-Pierre: Matt Hughes was not impressed with your performance at UFC 129. Not impressed one bit.

Hughes wrote on his personal website about the news of Osama bin Laden's death and about UFC 129. Hughes wasn't totally put off by the fight between GSP and welterweight title challenger Jake Shields.

"As for the GSP/Shields fight, I really believed GSP was going to tear Shields up," said Hughes via his personal website. "The fight didn’t go like I thought it would at all. Let me tell everybody now, I like GSP, he’s a good guy and he’s somebody I wouldn’t mind sitting next to on a plane ride or at a supper table.

"So don’t think that I’m talking out of bitterness for the two losses, I’m speaking through experienced eyes that have been in these situations. GSP actually looked worse in this fight than I’ve ever seen him before. I really feel like Georges fights not to lose, he just doesn’t fight to win anymore."

Many people—fans and media included— have criticized GSP for his lackluster performance against Shields even with an injury to his eye. Hughes, though, thinks it's all about the hunger of GSP that is leading to these poor performances.

"I like Georges, I like watching him fight, I wish there was some way I could help him to get that hunger back inside of him," Hughes continued. "Georges has the potential of being so much better than what we’ve seen recently. If Jake had won one more round he would have won the fight, based on how the judges scored it. So an interesting fight and a little disappointing at being the last fight of the night."

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