XWA Wrestling Recap: Top Rope Turmoil 05.07.2011

Peter Hopey@phopeyCorrespondent IMay 10, 2011

Top Rope Turmoil Poster for Xtreme Wrestling Alliance
Top Rope Turmoil Poster for Xtreme Wrestling Alliance

Not since the days of my misspent youth had I ventured into the Lord Beaverbrook Arena here in Saint John New Brunswick with the sole intention of taking in a professional wrestling event.

The names on the marquee back in my day included such classics as the Cuban Assassin, Stephen Petitpas, Rotten Ron Starr, Bulldog Bob Brown, and Leo Burke.

I’d watch their weekly show on one of the overwhelming 15 or so channels available for my viewing pleasure, and I’d become thoroughly invested in their personas and storylines as if I had known them all my life.

As the broadcast would wind down, I’d listen intently at the end to hear if they would be bringing their brand of justice to an arena “near me” any time soon.

And lucky for me, the promotion would routinely book (every other month or so) and deliver shows in Cocagne, Moncton, Saint John, and various other holes in the wall that us east coast Canadian folks can appreciate.

It was something I looked forward to for weeks at a time.

Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling was big in it’s heyday, but that was along time ago. As the years have passed by however, the fanbase has simply transitioned down through the generations.

A new crop of aspiring performers are coming into their own, and they’re all looking to kick that door down without even knocking and strut their stuff.

There’s an Indy promotion that has been doing it’s best to feed that need for local events over the past few years. And that promotion is none other than XWA wrestling.

I was among the many fans in attendance for this months installment of their high flying, hard nosed, in your face brand of wrestling that is XWA Wrestling. If you want the absolute best of what the Indy wrestling scene currently has to offer in this neck of the woods, an XWA Wrestling event is the right place to be.

This month's offering was titled Top Rope Turmoil and contained the following promoted matchups:

-          The tag team championship belts were on the line as Gyration Nation (c) defended their gold against the youthful duo of the Wave Riders.

-          Wesley Pipes (c) was set to defend his Elite title against Buck 10, the man he captured the belt from at last months “Strapped” (XWA’s April 2011 event)

-          The 30 man over the rope Battle Royal

The winner of the main event, the 30 man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal, receives the opportunity of a lifetime, a shot to become the XWA Heavyweight Champion (currently held by Ryan Heath) at “Quest for Gold”, the federations premier event.

Add to all this the fact that yours truly got to sound bell to kick off one of the match-ups, and we had ourselves one heck of a stacked night of action.

What follows is a detailed recap of the event: 

The action started out with a highlight package summarizing April’s event, “Strapped” held back on April 2nd. The focal point that evening involved fan favourite Julius Fantana bringing to an end his feud with former champion Nightmare by securing the win in what was clearly a brutal strap match.

Both men took their fair share of punishment but in the end, Julius Fantana secured the victory.

In other matches at “Strapped”, Buck 10 lost his Elite championship to Wesley Pipes, and the former tag team Pocket Aces broke up, after having lost their rematch for the tag team titles.

But perhaps the biggest shock of that evening saw Ryan Heath not only beat John Striker to retain his Heavyweight Championship, but decimate him post match.

Striker lay all but motionless as Heath administered a beatdown of epic proportions. Using multiple steel chairs, the Heavyweight Champion of the World seemed almost unable to control himself as he unleashed a barrage of chair shots.

Word out of Striker’s camp is that tests revealed a cracked patella and a torn ACL.

As a result, he will likely be out of action for at least 6 months, and maybe more. And so begins a long summer or rehab and crutches. Welcome to your Summer of 2011 John Striker…

Now on to Top Rope Turmoil.

Elite Championship

The first match of the evening was for the Elite Championship Title held by current champion Wesley Pipes. Part of the gameplan for Buck 10 going into this rematch was to find a way to get Pipes off his feet, and keep him there if at all possible. Pipes is a big strong guy and can be extremely tough to wear down if he’s able to stay on his feet. Buck 10 would need to go to the air, and work a limb or two before going in for the kill.

Buck 10 actually went into the match with a bit of an ace up his sleeve. For those familiar with him, you’d be aware that it’s part of his match ritual to pick one of the fans to serve as his manager for the match. This time, however, not only would he have someone from the audience as his manager, it would be someone who was doing a little birthday celebrating. On top of that, it would turn out to be Buck 10’s brother.

This contest ran about 12 minutes or so an proved to be a seesaw affair. Both guys got in a fair amount of offense and there were multiple points during which Buck 10’s brother actually appeared to cost him the pin when Buck 10 had his opponent in the prone position. What can you say, you gotta love family… Eventually the champ put on a crippler crossface and while Buck 10 did his best to reach safety, he just could not hang on, eventually being declared unable to continue (ref raised his hand and it fell to the floor three times) submission hold. Your winner, and still Elite Champion, Wesley Pipes. 

The Champ Speaks

Next up it was time for the XWA Heavyweight Champion Ryan Heath to do a little explaining to the crowd. At last month’s “Strapped”, Heath not only beat John Striker, but he did his royal best to maim him, to cripple him, and to effectively end his career. Time to man up…

Heath’s music hit and he casually makes his way up the aisle to the throngs of boos from the XWA faithful. Heath taunts a few fans in the process and clearly isn’t interested in making friends tonight. Into the ring, and to the corners to pose, he’s certainly not shy. The champ is looking himself up and down. I don’t think he’s checking for bedbugs, I think he genuinely likes his “My Name Is Not Randall” T-Shirt. Where can I buy one of those bad boys?

For anyone who has been living under a rock, Heath wants to catch them up on what happened a month back so he asks the boys to roll tape. The camera angles are plenty but the results are the same. Everyone gets one last opportunity to see how he basically used John Strikers knee as a piñata. The sound of the chairshots rings throughout the LBR. Striker at one point looks as if he has passed out from the pain.

Meanwhile, Heath is in the ring looking very pleased with himself. You see, as far as he's concerned, Strikers career is over. He’s dead. We’ve seen the last of him. There is really no one left here at the XWA for him to fight. So really, what else is there left to do for him? What’s the point? Maybe he’s become too big for the XWA.

Crowd taunts the champ, but he’s ready and waiting for anyone to come on out. Crowd is getting impatient as well. No music, no challengers. Maybe no one in the back has it in them. That’s too bad. Perhaps he may as well just retire as champion given he’s run out of opponents. He looks like he’s about to step through the ropes and call it a night… But hold that thought…

Is that the Irish Rovers I hear? Barstool Bailey’s music? Smoke rolls, the music pumps, and sure enough, the Irish one hits the ramp and the crowd erupts! Heath doesn’t seem to want any part of Barstool. He doesn’t look like he wants to buy anything that Bailey is a selling.

Bailey climbs in the ring, parks his mini keg, and takes a seat on the stool he brought along with him. Barstool says that his granny taught him to do two things, drink and fight. And the drinking is all done, so it must be time to fight. Granny??… Shots to the head! Heath to the corner, cowering, covering up, more rights! Barstool is reigning down some stiff shots while Heath is getting in no offense, Heath finally sneaks out to safety after taking a whoppin.

Hold it… Maybe the drinking is not done after all. Barstool sneaks in a little chug a lug, Heath takes his anger out on a couple of steel chairs near the ring, and we catch our breaths after the melee. He’s a lot tougher now that he is outside the ring… Barstool issued his challenge, and amongst the mayhem, I think Heath accepted. Folks, we’ve just had a late breaking addition to the card. Barstool picks up his seat, his alcohol, and bids farewall to his loyal fans. We’ll see him later methinks when he gets his shot at the champ…

Gyration Nation defends the tag titles

Next up, it was time for a little tag action in the form of the Wave Riders (Mikey and Kayden Rave) taking on the current Tag Team Champions Gyration Nation(c) (Dale Dangles and Chip Chambers). For those of you in the front row or with weak stomachs, you may want to cover your eyes as they call themselves "Gyration" Nation for a reason...

All four participants finally get into the ring and the gyrating begins. Before the bell ever sounds we have our first “you are a weiner” chant to Chip Chambers. The secret is out.

This match actually told a nice story. There were quick tags throughout by Gyration Nation who did their best to control the action and cut off Mikey Rave from getting a tag when it mattered most. They covered a lot of ground as they ran the ropes and as advertised, Chip and Dale did their best to remind us why they call themselves Gyration Nation. There was more gyrating going on then at the Fredericton Motor Inn’s Honeymoon Suite on a Saturday night!

Eventually the hot tag to Kayden and he’s in to clean house. STIFF clotheslines send both Gyration Nation guys to their backs. Wave Riders are cleaning house! Eventually Mikey is trying to get the pin over Dale. Chip sneaks into the ring with a briefcase in hand and while the ref is preoccupied, he delivers a wicked head shot to Mikey and it’s lights out for him. Kayden is trying to get the ref’s attention but Chip neutralizes him by pulling his feet out from under him leaving Kayden to smash face first as he falls to the apron. Ref turns back to the in ring action and Dale still has Mikey Rave in a pin attempt. Ref counts the three, ring that bell! Gyration Nation successfully defended their tag belts after some good old fashioned shenanigans.

Wave Riders recollect themselves and make their way to the back as the fans console them after having put in a solid effort

Next up, the previously unscheduled heavyweight championship title defense between Ryan Heath and Barstool Bailey.

Barstool Bailey takes on Ryan Heath for the XWA Heavyweight Championship

Bailey makes his way to the ring with a huge pop from the crowd. He’s high fiving his loyal followers and looks ready to go.

Next out is your champion, Ryan Heath. Heath takes his sweet time making his way to the ring. He’s clearly not too happy about having been put into this unscheduled title defense here at Top Rope Turmoil. Referee collects the prize belt and holds it high for all to see. It’s go time.

Both guys want to do some posing first. The bell finally rings. Heath and the fans can’t seem to play nice. That guy can’t get much in the way of greeting cards at Christmas. Bailey encourages the fans to get into his opponents head and they’re more than happy to oblige. Heath finally cinches up the straps on his wrestling gear and we have our first lockup.

Slingshot off the ropes, shoulder block sends Heath to the mat. Heath back up and gets right in Bailey’s face. Evidently he thinks Bailey is playing rough. Bailey with a stiff shot sending the champ to the corner. Heath takes the opportunity to sit down and collect his thoughts. Bailey walks towards Heath but gets caught offguard as Bailey grabs his trunks and pulls him to his knees, snapping Bailey face first into the second turnbuckle.

Heath thinks he has gained some time after a little quick thinking on his er, feet. But evidently Bailey has a hard head as he quickly stands back up and waits for Heath to turn around. Heath loses his smile as he catches a glimpse of Bailey just before he sees his fist at mach 2.0 speed heading for his face. And it connects.

Some back and forth wrestling ensues and eventually Bailey finds his way backed into a corner. Heath takes a run at Bailey only to eat a stiff elbow which sends him teetering back across the mat. Heath wobbles to the opposite corner, so Bailey takes two full steam runs into him connecting on both. But he gets greedy and goes for the third which of course backfires. Face first into the corner and eats some turnbuckle. Follow up kick to the front of the leg by Heath takes him off his feet.

Heath is gaining some momentum now. Works his way into a figure four and begins to stretch Bailey. The Ref is asking Barstool if he’s ready to submit, Barstool says no. Meanwhile Heath uses the ropes to add even more strain to the leg of Bailey. Ref looks up and questions whether Heath (who let go) was the reason the ropes are still swaying around. Responds that the camera man must have bumped them. I believe him…

Eventually both men get back to their feet and exchange Ric Flair chops. Brutal exchange back and forth. That’s definitely gonna leave a mark. Before we know it, we’re outside into the crowd. Chops, punches, and slaps are echoing throughout the arena.

The guys are looking a little winded now. Both wrestlers are finally back in the ring and the pace has slowed considerably. With that in mind, Barstool decides it’s a good time to have a quick chug of Beer. Nothing wrong with that. And we’re back to it. Exchanges back and forth keep were keeping things pretty even but Barstool is starting to get the upper hand. He also appears to be spending too much time trying to please the fans, and that has a habit of catching up with you.

Heath is now on the mat. Barstool heads to the corner, climbs to the post, and is looking to the crowd for inspiration. Bailey spends a bit too much time and Heath sprints over, catches him with a wicked right, climbs the posts, and sends Bailey across the ring with a brutal belly to back suplex. Big turning point. Quick succession of hold and counters, Bailey still somehow is able to put Heath into his finisher almost out of desperation, but Heath quickly powers out and pulls Bailey into the Ryan Tamer.

Heath is stretching Bailey out now and it seems like it’s just a matter of time. Bailey starts to inch closer to the ropes and slide across the ring to get out of the prone Ryan Tamer position. But Heath just pulls him back to the middle of the squared circle. A few seconds later, the inevitable happens and Barstool taps out. The bell rings and the match is over. Heath has submitted the Irishmen.

The champion has retained, but evidently he isn’t very happy. It’s time to inflict more damage on his fallen foe. Bailey is in no position to defend himself and is being beat like a government mule. Shades of Strapped and the beating he delivered to John Striker. Heath enlists the help of some steel chairs. One shot, then another, and it looks like the abuse is never going to end. Crowd is not happy, someone has to save him! Finally Slick McGrick hits the ring and chases off Heath. The damage may have already have been done though.

30 Man Over The Top Battle Royal

Starting us off are The Freshman and Kayden Rave. Joshua and Kayden go at it right from the beginning with both trying to score quick eliminations. Lot of back and forth as both combatants want the ring to themselves. Josh is now getting in some good offense. Clock counts…

In at #3 is Chip Chambers. Turns out it’s bad news for The Freshman. Rave and Chambers quickly start working together and after a couple of high impact maneuvers, it’s bye bye to The Freshman. Rave and Chambers stand tall for now as they wait for the next entrant.

In at #4 it’s one of the Devils of the Deep. Instant beatdown from Rave and Chambers. Up for a double suplex and the pirate eats the dust. Pirate mounts a comeback first by grabbing the nose of Rave, then the latches on to Chambers trunks. Amazing how a good handful of the right anatomy will slow the pace down. Rave shakes it off and has the pirate back on the defense. Crowd gets a reminder to stay back from the ring. There are no fences or gates here tonight and no one wants any unexpected injury to the fans. Safety first.

In at #5 it’s Dale Dangles. Gyration Nation are now complete and the pirate is still taking a beating. There’s a whole lot of shaking going on. We have four left in the ring and as it stands, and the pirate is getting the beatdown 3 on 1 style. I’m surprised he’s still hanging in there. Tough competitor. Clock counts…

#6 El Handsimo dances his way to the ring. How interesting. Meanwhile the pirate is still getting puppetized in the ring. By the time El Handsimo steps into the ring he’s effectively getting tossed out of the ring. Wow, talk about early entry and exit. Hope someone got a picture. Pace is still pretty brisk and the alliances are still holding strong. Various high impact moves being dished out here by Chambers and Rave.

#7 Sounds like some Arabian music so that can only mean one thing, The Sheik! Sure enough Sheik is out and stalks the ring looking for the right place to enter. Sheik smack talks the crowd as he climbs the ropes and gets ready to join the action. Sheik is firing lefts and rights and is on fire. Heads for Dale Dangles and starts pummeling him. Finally everyone starts zoning in on Sheik and he goes down to the numbers. He’s taking a beating now but is desperately trying to fight back. As Sheik is hanging on for dear life, out goes Rave and out goes the pirate. Clock ticks…

#8 Barstool Bailey hits the ramp with his leg heavily taped from the damage done earlier in his match with Heath. Bailey is about to enter the ring when Sheik goes flying by. His night is through. If Bailey is hurting this bad, it doesn’t bode well for him making it deep into the rumble. Bailey zones in and starts taking a run at anyone who he can lock in his radar on. Amazing he can run at all. Out goes Chambers! Clock ticks…

#9 In comes Raj Mahal and he looks like a man on a mission. This guy is a machine. Meanwhile Bailey finally succumbs to the numbers and gets tossed to the floor. I’m surprised he made it to the rumble at all. Raj is motoring. Out goes Dale and that means Raj is standing tall in the ring as the lone survivor! Wait a minute, The Freshman sneaks in from behind and tosses out Raj? Umm, he’s not legal anymore is he? What the heck? I guess Raj is out… He’ not happy, and he’s got every right to be. That leaves nobody in the match. We’re back where we started.

#10 Debuting for the XWA is Zane Valentine who walks in to an empty ring. His biggest challenge is not getting caught up in the fracas occurring as those already eliminated in the rumble fight their way to the back. Zane must have missed his trip to the gym today so he spends most of his free 2 minutes doing pushups.

In at the #11 spot is Susaki Tunaki. Once Susaki gets into the ring, he has some advice to provide Valentine. He has some suggestions to make the pushups a little easier. Ah yes, Susaki does them from his knees instead. Valentine is not impressed and decides retribution is in order. Valentine tosses out Susaki before returning to his workout. Susaki is heading to the back. Pushups continue, and the clock ticks…

#12 Caesar Santiago enters the ring and Valentine grabs him quickly and put into a full nelson. Valentine is solid and you can see the strain on Santiago’s face as he fights the nelson. Up into a body slam and down he goes. I think he spilled my drink. Refs are checking to see if this guy is still breathing. They don’t get his answer in time before Valentine picks him up and sends him to the concrete below. Now Valentine adds a casual hand slap in between pushups. Nice touch.

#13 General Duce’s music hits, and the crowd erupts. He is in and it’s time for a staredown. Crowd really popped for Duce and continue to stay behind him. Looks like the first real competition for Valentine. Zane off the ropes and into a clothesline… To the ground! Back up, off the ropes, and into another! Valentine is stunned. Crowd begins chanting. Duce runs for the wild right into the corner but Zane moves out of the way. Couple of counters, and Duce tries to put Zane out. Zane fights back. Clock winds…

#14 One half of the Renegades Jack Spears joins the Rumble. Meanwhile Valentine gets Duce into a running powerslam. The move connects and Duce looks a bit pale. Looks like Valentine is taking control again. Spears gets involved and trys to mount some offense while Duce stays down collecting his thoughts. Duce is up, and out goes Spears. The clock winds…

#15 In comes reigning Elite champion Wesley Pipes. He must be worn out from his earlier match because he seems in no hurry to get in the ring. Perhaps he has been watching the mayhem from out back. There are only two other guys still in this contest and they are wearing down as well. Duce is still down, and as Pipes climbs the apron, a staredown ensues with Zane. Pipes walks to the middle of the ring and offers his hand, Zane takes it. Bad move. Pipes kicks him in the stomach (note to rookies - never trust anyone offering to shake your hand). Zack is down, Duce jumps back in to the mix and puts the boots to Pipes. Duce looks like he has a second wind now. The clock ticks…

#16 The action continues, and out comes another debuting talent, John Versace. Versace in and right to Duce. Pipes and Zane appear to now be friends as they are trading cookie recipes now. Duce is over the ropes but hangs on and slides back in. Now Pipes feels compelled to muscle pose in the ring. Versace looks glazed, perhaps the result of a head shot. Clock ticks.

#17 El Militar De Paz is in. Duce is being beat by Zane and Versace. El Militar De Paz is getting beat up by Pipes. Power move puts El Militar De Paz into the corner. Pipes is catching a little rest. Zane thinks he has El Militar De Paz out and over the ropes but his feet never hit the floor. Zane poses but doesn’t see him come back in under the ropes. He’s still posing while the clock ticks.

#18 Jax Morrow is in! Another debuting talent. Versace is still focusing on Duce. Jax goes after El Militar De Paz. Some loose alliances again being formed in the ring on the fly. Jax and Pipes appear to be working together. Clock ticks…

#19 Eric of the Renegades comes out. Eric is looking for the weak and wounded. DDT by Eric on Duce. Duce is taking a heck of a beating tonight but still hanging in there. Zane is reminding me of Lex Luger circa late 80’s. Versace is bouncing all over the place and eating all kinds of opponent offense. Clock ticks.

#20 Slick McGrick is out. McGrick comes in and climbs the ropes. Top rope elbow drop and McGrick is quickly into a groove. El Militar De Paz is eliminated. Jax Morrow is finally eliminated. That leaves Duce, McGrick, Pipes, Eric, Versace, and Zane. Clock ticks

#21 Rick Owens is now in the match. Things are starting to feel a bit out of control. The crowd is closing in and the wrestlers are getting tossed further and further from the ring. The crowd is starting to get antcy waiting to see what order the remaining participants are going to enter. Pipes is visually plotting his next move. No more pushups by Valentine. Clock is ticking.

#22 Buck 10 is in and the crowd responds! Two quick eliminations and Buck 10’s music is still playing. Buck 10 takes Duce out but oh no! As quickly as Buck 10 came in and did some heavy damage, out he went. At about the same time Pipes gets his walking papers as well. We’re down to Versace, McGrick, Zane, and El Militar De Paz. Zane whips Versace into the corner hard. That had to hurt. Clock counts...

#23 In comes the Kamikaze Kingpin. Zane slams him hard and he’s tossed out just like that. If you blinked you may have missed it. Thanks for coming out. Valentine is hitting his stride again and is starting to look like a bit of a favourite.

#24 Robert Rogue is here! Rogue is taking his time making his way to the ring as he jaws with the fans in the process. The action stops in the ring while everyone looks on. Clearly Rogue was not on the menu. No one is sure what to make of this situation. Rogue is circling the ring. He finally makes his way to the apron and through the ropes just as the next entrant is called in. He killed off 2 minutes on entrance alone. Wow.

#25 Ron DMC is in! Rogue clears out Rick Owens. He’s strutting in the ring and giving out punishment to whomever is open to receiving it. Eric O’Connell is out by Rogue. The clock is ticking but Rogue is marching to his own beat…

#26 Sunny Warcloud is in! Zane takes a run at Ron DMC and bounces off him like a brand new tennis ball on a sidewalk. Rogue is trying to get Warcloud out (but no luck yet). Action is steady but you can tell guys are trying to conserve a little energy for the final push. Clock is ticking again.

#27 Fantana, Fantana, Fantana! Ron DMC takes a huge run at Versace in the corner. Ron DMC stands him up and Fantana eliminates Versace. DMC and Fantana are broncobusting McGrick. Fantana then broncobusts DMC from behind. Fantana is a broncobuster machine.

#28 Kurtis Isiac Real is in the rumble. After quickly entering the ring, he decides to shove each remaining wrestler and talk a lot of trash. Then he decides to drop to his knees and start taunting everyone. Interesting strategy, but ultimately not a good one. Everyone decides to put the boots to him. Kicks and more kicks. They gather round, pick him up, and toss him to the curb! Next out, Ron DMC has been eliminated. Real continues to trash talk all the way to the locker room. Clock ticks…

#29 NIGHTMARE is in. His entrance is fantastic. Sunny Warcloud has been eliminated. Nightmare goes after McGrick. Fantana’s radar goes off, and he turns to dropkick his recent nemesis Nightmare. Executes the move perfectly, but Nightmare won’t go down. Fantana is grabbed by Nightmare who tosses him in the corner, then proceeds to stomp a mudhole through him. Everyone seems to have a dance partner... Well not everyone. Rogue and Nightmare finally eye each other and stand nose to nose. Fantana catches his breath. Clock ticks

#30 Last guy in, Mikey Rave. We’re maxed out with competition and we can now start evaluating the remaining talent as somebody is going to be your winner. Rogue is still engaged with Nightmare as these two beasts don’t want to budge. Fantana is digging into his bag of tricks and breaks out some high risk maneuvers. Clock ticks??? Huh???

#31 Dazzling Dick Durning is entrant 31? What gives? Are you kidding me? Crowd is ELECTRIC… Durning wastes no time getting to the ring. As soon as he comes in it’s staredown with Rogue. Intensity is off the charts!

Mass destruction (Rogue) is out after a dropkick from Zane. So much for the big faceoff with Dick. Perhaps that will have to wait until another night. So that leaves us with Nightmare and Zane who team loosely to face off against Durning and Fantana.

Fantana grabs Nightmare, and Durning pairs with Valentine. Both are now trading shots as the pace has picked back up again tenfold.

And Fantana eliminates Nightmare! At about the same moment, Durning eliminates Valentine.

Durning and Fantana were on opposite sides of the ring as they made their eliminations, and proceeded to back up towards each other before then bumping and turning around.

We’re down to Fantana and surprise entrant Durning.

Durning throws Fantana into the ropes and applies an atomic drop. Fantana shakes it off. Succession of hurricanrana-like moves as Fantana tangles Durning into the ropes and tries to leverage him out to the floor but to no avail.

Both are now backing off just a bit to catch their breath. Bulldog out of nowhere by Fantana.

Durning is back up and throws Fantana into the corner. He tries to follow it up with a running high kick but misses, sending his leg up over the top turnbuckle.

As he pulls his leg down and reels to the ropes, Fantana sees his moment. He darts across the ring, up the turnbuckle, and readies himself for some high flying move but Dick is quick to spot it, and run to the corner letting lose a kick that catches Fantana off guard, sending him out of the ring to the floor below.

Your winner, and new number one contendor, Dazzling Dick Durning! Match ends with Dick posing in the corner!

 Biggest Pops Of Night

1. Return of Dazzling Dick

2. Julius Fantana enters the rumble

3. Raj Mahal cleans house in the rumble

Biggest Heat Of Night

1. Heath cuts a promo

2. Sunny Warcloud gets eliminated

3. Robert Rogue enters the rumble

Highlight of Night

1. Dazzling Dick eliminates Julius Fantana to secure his spot as #1 contendor

 Surprise of Night

1. Return of Dazzling Dick 

XWA Wrestling is an independent wrestling promotion based out of Saint John New Brunswick Canada. More information on the promotion including recaps of past events as well as information on upcoming events can be found on their website located at the following address:


[Author’s special note – I promised Raj Mahal I’d include this and I’m a man of my word… Before the action kicked off, Raj took to the ring with an empty refillable water container. Was he thirsty? Maybe… Fans would quickly find out that the jug had another purpose. Raj took the mic and kicked off the show by letting folks know that the XWA had teamed up with the Muscular Dystrophy foundation whose national spokesperson was in attendance for the event. Muscular Dystrophy is close to many people, and for Raj, it comes in the specific form of his friendship with national figurehead Jeff Sparks, himself an MD patient. Bottom line, XWA would like everyone who has the means to donate whatever they can. Funds and proceeds will go to the foundation which will in turn to be used to fund research looking for better treatment options, and, if we’re lucky, some day a cure. Raj started the donations with a $100 spot of his own. Classy. Fans have a few minutes before first bell to come to the ring and make their donations and they come up in droves. It was a solid way to kick off the night. For anyone who wasn’t in attendance or who (in general) wants to make a donation through XWA, please send along an email to xwawrestling@hotmail.com and someone will get in touch with you. Every little bit counts y’all. The bell rang, Raj thanked the crowd, and it was show time.]


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