Jimmy Goldstein: Lesser-Known Facts About NBA's Superfan

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Jimmy Goldstein: Lesser-Known Facts About NBA's Superfan

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    LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 04:  James Goldstein and Danish model Amalie Wichmann pose before Game Two of the Western Conference Semifinals in the 2011 NBA Playoffs between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks at Staples Center on May 4, 2011 in Los
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    Jimmy Goldstein carries a business card with three words on it: Fashion, Architecture, Basketball.

    Rarely do you ever hear of someone whipping out a business card with their passions on them rather than their business.

    Would it be a better world if everyone did this?

    Cowboys could give out cards reading "Ropin'. Ridin'. Boot Scootin'."

    Rednecks would have their own cards: "Fighting. Farting. NASCAR!"

    Donald Trump's card would read "Me! Me! Me!"

    Jimmy Goldstein has a business, real estate, that he talks about very little. It affords him a lifestyle to pursue his passions: fashion, architecture, NBA basketball.

    All of his interests are expensive.

    In the first, he attends fashion shows worldwide, knows the designers and meets many Russian models.

    In the second, he owns the coolest modern house in Hollywood and he's constantly adding to it.

    In the third, he attends NBA games throughout the league, including close to thirty playoff games always with front row seats and full access passes.

    Like we said, expensive lifestyle, bolstered by self-created celebrity coupled with a insatiable zest for his passions.

    In this report we'll try to supply answers to questions such as

    1) Jimmy's favorite NBA teams?.

    2) How did he get the money to live like he does?

    3) How does he make so many games?

    4) What does it cost to attend the NBA schedule he maintains?

    5) What NBA players does he know, who does he advise?

    6) What's it like to be Jimmy Goldstein for a day?

What's It Like to Be Jimmy Goldstein for a Day?

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    Here's an idea for an NBA related contest. The proceeds can go to charity. Some of Jimmy's favorite clothing designers, like Gucci and  can sponsor "Be Jimmy Goldstein for a Day."

    Set the time as 8:00 am one morning to 8:00 am the following morning.

    You show up at 8:00 am at the house at his Beverly Hills house designed by John Lautner overlooking Benedectine Canyon. The greenery is lush, tropical, overwhelmingly aromatic. But you don't have time yet to take it all in as you're whisked inside and guided to the main bedroom flanked with full glass walls overlooking the canyon and the view of a far cityscape. 

    Just for a brief moment, you climb into bed, rub up against the Egyptian sheets, then turn and spot the Russian model at the end of the bed.  No hanky-panky allowed. You've won a contest to simulate Jimmy Goldstein for a day. You don't get to violate the Russian model. Besides, there might be two of them. Models are skinny and the bed is like double king wide. Four or five models could fit in the bed and not touch each other.

    Now, you're asked to leave the bed. Yes, the Russian model gives you a nice smile but someone is cooking breakfast in an exquisite stainless-glass kitchen with the smell of ostrich eggs and corn-beefed hash beckoning. You put on the PJs, slip into the wolverine slippers with the T.G.I.F. insignia (Toes Go In First) and trot down to breakfast. Heck, you don't know, maybe some NBA players have stopped by. You'll be surprised just like Jimmy is some days. You do note construction going on. Something is always being added to the house. You may asked for a material or location recommendation, on this, your one day to be Jimmy Goldstein. 

    After breakfast, you shower and then permitted closet visitation. Here you'll find hundreds of boots: sharkskin, snakeskin, lizard and more Gucci leather jackets than you'll find in Milan. You'll be asked to pick-boots, jacket, suede designer pants by Galliano,,Cavalli, or Montana, scarf, ventilated tee-shirt,and Italian style Stetson. Now, here's the tricky part. If you're not Jimmy's size the clothes will be pre-purchased in your size but you'll only have a couple of choices. 

    You kill some time, check out the construction, tell them you're Jimmy for today, fire a couple of sheet rockers, go for a swim, lay back, press a button, watch a TV that popped down from the ceiling, then head off in the Rolls for a tennis match. Before the match, you pick two friends to go to the Lakers game tonight. You've got three court side seats. You can take one of the models and a buddy or just be loyal and take two buddies. Or there's list of movie stars you can call to see if they want to go court side. Only one caveat: you and your friends must root for the Mavericks, or whoever the Lakers are playing. You're being Jimmy for a day.

    Sound like fun? You give out a few autographed gold basketballs during the day. You play tennis at a nice club. Guys come over and shoot hoops on your goal with NBA official glass backboard. A few models swim in your pool. You spend an hour making a wardrobe selection. You and your buds roll to the game in a Rolls. You walk up to Jack and tell him you're Jimmy for a day.

The Sheats/Goldstein Home Described by Architect John Lautner

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    Jimmy Goldstein bought his home in 1972. It was originally built in 1963 for the Sheats family and designed by John Lautner.

    It has been featured in movies, The Big Lebowski and Charlie's Angels.   Of all of James Goldstein's investments, the home may be the one giving him the most cache'.

    When you live in a museum, which it will be in the future, you've got an in for those interested in architecture. And quite often, those passionately interested in architecture can turn around and get you in to events, like fashion shows and NBA games. 

    Here's a video of the architect talking about his creation, possibly his favorite of all the buildings he gave birth to.

The NBA: Who Does James Know? What Does This Hobby Cost?

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    How do you get to be the NBA's Superfan? Even if it's self declared, it's doubtful anyone else can claim the title. One hundred plus regular season games per year plus 25 to 35 playoff games. Jack Nicholson is a notably loyal Lakers fan but Jimmy says Jack only hits about 25 games per year. Goldstein has season tickets for all the Lakers and all the Clippers home games.

    That's 82 games right there. Plus Jimmy goes on the road to catch another 20-30 games, sometimes two in a day. Add the post season, Jimmy crisscrosses the country, keeping his travel agents on overtime,

    Who does Jimmy know? For one, David Stern. Goldstein has been game hoping for 30 years. His outfits look similar, but they're always different. Jimmy knows players, he says 75 % of the league. He knows GMs, a few coaches, PR people, other passionate fans. He's developed friends who help him get tickets.

    What does his hobby cost? And for now, we'll just play with his basketball gig, as it is probably the hardest to pinpoint,

    Floor tickets to Lakers games? Average Lakers floor tickets are $ 2600 each per game. Playoff games are at a premium and more expensive per each advancing round. It's estimated at $ 2800, 3000, 3200. Jimmy has three season tickets for 41 games. Figure a minimum of five post season games. We're talking about $ 364,800.Get this, Jimmy spends $ 365 K and roots against the Lakers.

    Floor tickets to Clippers games? They cost far less, estimated at $ 1000 per game. Jimmy has two season tickets. If he pays $ 2000 per game he's out $ 84,000 per year.

    Floor tickets to away games? Figure twenty games not counting playoffs. Most court side away tickets are far cheaper than Staples. Sometimes Jimmy takes a friend but to be conservative, we'll figure he goes alone (which, in most cases, he does) and price away court sides at $ 500 per game. Add airfare, hotel, limo, food and you probably add another $ 800 per game ($ 1500 on playoff games).

    So for 20 regular season away games and 15 playoff games let's add $ 56,000.

    So not counting gas, food, parking, incidentals and after parties the hobby runs $ 505,000 per year.

    See guys, use these figures when trying to convince your wife that $ 4 to 5,000 for season tickets is a bargain.

    We ,may be short changing Jimmy's yearly investment in his hobby. We forgot about his overseas travel In this video he went to the 2010 FIBA Championships in Turkey. And don't forget, he's been an NBA fan since the 60s, an obsessed fan since the 80s.

A Few Lesser Known James Goldsein Facts Gathered from Interviews

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    Lesser known fact one: Goldstein partied around with Wilt Chamberlain according to a Myles Brown Slam Magazine article in April of 2010.

    This is very likely. They shared a few things: a love for Afghan hounds, the same women and a penchant for high tech modernistic bachelor pads located high in the Socal hills.

    Fact two: Goldstein's favorite teams appears to be the Suns, Clippers and Spurs. Now Goldstein probably won't acknowledge this because he wants access to all teams but, in interviews, you can tell he has a soft spot for these teams. He roots for the underdog but he admires the way these teams play. He has said, again and again, he wants to see the underdog take down the Lakers.

    Fact three: Goldstein admits to a relationship with Jayne Mansfield when he was in college. This is from a May 8th article in Interview Magazine conducted by Derek Blasberg. Can we believe that one? Goldstein, even though flamboyant and not shy about interviews keeps his personal life pretty close to his Gucci vest.

    Fact four: Goldstein bought his Lautner designed house in 1972 after another buyer already had a contract on it. Fortunately for Jimmy, the contracted buyer came back in to renegotiate. (Blasberg interview)

    Fact five: Goldstein was never a porn director. There were persistent rumors. Maybe he looks like a well known director, Maybe because his house, when used in The Big Lebowski was supposed to be the house of a pornographer. Maybe people confuse him with by Bruce Dern, when Bruce had a movie role as a porn director. Yeah, they look a little bit alike. Even more coincidence, Bruce Dern played a basketball coach in a 1970 movie directed by Jack Nicholson, Drive, He Said.

    Fact six: Goldstein made all his money buying and selling trailer parks. That's a persistent rumor and is partially true.. Yes, Goldstein has owned trailer parks in California but his income comes more from rentals than the selling of the parks. According to the Daily Breeze in Palm Springs, he owns El Doraldo in Palm Springs, Carson Harbor Village in Carson, Indian Springs in Palm Desert, Rancho Verde in Rohnert Park. He has one more park (undisclosed) and his five parks are said to be worth over $ 100 million dollars.

    Fact seven: Many of his trailer park tenants begrudge Jimmy his lifestyle. Many dispute his frequent rent raises. Some do not appreciate the rising cost of python boots. One resident, Steve Miller, was quoted as saying "He makes Simon Legree look like Shirley Temple." We have to think Mr. Miller, if he's using that reference, must be pretty old.

    Fact eight: Basketball junkie Goldstein may spend as much on his wardrobe as he spends on the NBA. And he is the number one investor of tickets in the NBA.  We think this might be true. Three or more trips per year to Europe for fashion week plus numerous other trips to assemble his designer wardrobe which he turns over every year.

    Here's a video of Jimmy dancing in Moscow at a fashion gig. It looks costly.