TNA IMPACT! Review: May 5, 2011

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 7, 2011

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I had my Fortune t-shirt on and was sitting in front of the TV waiting for the clock to finally strike nine—it's time for iMPACT!

The show started with Immortal already in the ring and Sting and RVD walking down the ramp. D'Lo Brown, Al Snow and another TNA personnel guy come to the ring and stop Sting and RVD from fighting Immortal.

D'Lo gets in the ring and Hogan punches him. Sting and RVD charge the ring but get beaten down by Immortal. Fortune hits the ring and makes the save. Robert Roode grabs the mic. He reintroduces himself as Bobby Roode. He says Hulk Hogan didn't earn anything in TNA. Roode says he and the wrestlers in the back earn every penny they get. Roode gets really PO'd and mentions the recently fired Jay Lethal.

Roode calls it BS that Lethal, a great performer who always had a smile on his face, was fired. Lethal had a family to feed and Hogan let him go. It looked as if Hogan got teary eyed after that. Roode said things are going to change next week.

Okay, some way to kick off iMPACT!

Backstage, the Jarretts confront Velvet Sky, who just got out of the shower. Karen has something to tell her and says she better get some clothes on and meet her in the ring.

Matt Hardy is backstage. He says he has a tag team partner in mind and he and his mystery partner will challenge Beer Money for the tag titles at Sacrifice. Who'll it be? Jeff Hardy?
Christy Hemme is ring announcer again. I like it and she looks amazing! Seems like she will keep this gig for a while. 

The first match of the night featured TNA's newest acquisition, Sangriento. A masked wrestler billed from Mexico. Sangriento makes his TNA debut against Suicide.

Suicide overpowers Sangriento much of the match. Sangriento hits Suicide with a lot of kicks and hurricanranas.

Suicide sets up for the Suicide Solution, but Sangriento floats over Suicide's back and does a quick Lionsault style springboard into an RKO cutter.

Overall, it was a good match. Sangriento pulled out a win from nowhere and his springboard cutter was done to perfection.

Backstage we see Hogan and Bischoff. They're thinking about who is behind The Network. Bischoff brings up Flair. Is Flair behind The Network?

After commercials, Mexican America is in the ring, which is decorated in Mexico's colors. Mexican America is celebrating Cinco de Mayo. They launch confetti and invite the Spanish broadcast team to the ring (Hector Guerrero & Willie Urbina). 

Anarquia takes up most of the mic time. He says Urbina isn't Mexican. Mexican America attacks the Spanish broadcasters. Ink Inc came to the rescue. Jesse Neal told Mexican America to either get their green card or let the door hit them in the ass on the way out of the U.S. Ink Inc celebrate by holding up an American flag. Ink Inc continues to be one of my favorite teams in TNA. I think Neal has a bright future.

After commercials, Hemme announces Bully Ray and Gunner for some tag team action. Next out is Daniels and AJ Styles, former tag team champions.

This was some good tag team action between three veterans and the young and promising TV Champion, Gunner.

Ray has Styles down and is going to whip his with his chain. Out comes Tommy Dreamer? Dreamer grabs AJ and drops him with a piledriver? Dreamer heel turn?

Dreamer looks confused and full of regret after his actions. Backstage, Tommy flips out and starts punching lockers. Fortune wants answers from Dreamer or they're going to beat answers out of him.

Matt Hardy is in the parking lot talking on his phone to his mystery partner. Bully Ray shows up and says Dreamer did what he did because Tommy has a family to feed and wouldn't cross Immortal.

The Jarretts are making their way to the ring and we cut to Angelina and Winter. Winter gives Angelina some pills and they start towards the ring, too.

The Jarretts call out Velvet. Karen is convinced that Velvet is Kurt's mistress. Karen said that almost every Knockout has been champion except for Velvet. Velvet says now that she isn't with Angelina or Rayne she can accomplish her dream of winning gold.

Winter and Angelina come out.

Karen tells Winter and Angelina to take out Velvet. Kurt Angle's music hits.

Angle comes to the ring and says he just got off the phone with The Network and they arranged a main event. A handicap match.

Kurt Angle and Velvet Sky vs. Jeff Jarrett, Winter and Angelina Love.

Backstage, Bischoff is still stuck on The Network. He is approached by Immortal henchmen Rob Terry and Murphy, who say they'll handle Bischoff's problems. Bischoff says that they are the problem now. He sets a match.

Rob Terry vs. Murphy—loser is out of Immortal.


Crimson is seen backstage with a sledgehammer looking for Samoa Joe.

Terry and Murphy go at it right at the start of the bell. Both are evenly matched. They exchange shots. A physical match, both guys go back and forth. In the end it is "The Freak" Rob Terry winning the match to a pretty big pop.

Bischoff and Hogan say they're finally done with Terry and Murphy now that its been solved. They are still thinking about The Network.

Up next, Mickie James puts her belt on the line versus Miss Tessmacher.

Crimson finds Joe and tells him if someone is kicking Joe in the face, he'll turn the other cheek like Joe did to Crimson last week.

Miss T comes out in very formal clothes.

First thought: "She's going to wrestle in that?"

She did a little bit of an expose and revealed her in-ring gear. She has a great entrance. Fan of Velvet Sky's entrance? Watch Miss Tessmacher's.

Mickie and Miss T go back and forth. Miss T is surprisingly good in the ring. A good match and it was for the Knockouts title. It was a very good showing for Miss Tessmacher and I hope to see more of her in the ring or out of the ring, too, as long as she's on TV.

After the match, former champion Madison Rayne comes out with Tara. She wants her rematch at Sacrifice. Mickie says Madison needs to sacrifice something for a rematch.

Mickie makes a stipulation: If Madison wins, she's champ. If Mickie wins, Tara is free from Madison. Tara looks excited. Madison accepts.

A promo airs which promotes Sting vs. RVD at Sacrifice.

Kendrick, Amazing Red, Max Buck and Jeremy Buck say what happened to Jay Lethal is BS. They approach Bischoff and say they are the most talented on the roster and deserve a chance. Bischoff tells all of them to grow 14 inches, then talk to him. It should be interesting to see what happens with these guys.

More Sting vs. RVD hype.

Main event time.

Winter and Angelina come out, followed by the Jarretts, then Velvet, and finally Angle. JB is in the ring and announces them boxing style.

Most of the match was Velvet fighting the other two girls because Jeff wanted nothing to do with Kurt. Velvet held her own against Angelina and Winter. Eventually Winter and Angelina get the best of Velvet, but she tags in Angle which forces Double J in.

Angle locks in the Ankle Lock and Jeff grabs Karen and she's pulled into the ring. Velvet tags in and confronts Karen but is blindsided by Angelina and Winter.

Velvet hits a double DDT for the win. Angle wishes her the best of luck in accomplishing her dream and tells Karen that his "mistress" will be on iMPACT! next week.

Hogan and Bischoff are shown walking in the parking lot. Hogan reaches his car and finds the words, "You're Next" spray painted on the side of his car. Hogan is PO'd.

It was a good iMPACT! It had plenty of in-ring action and even a title match. The X Division thing was unexpected, as was TNA wrestlers mentioning Lethal.

Sting and RVD were on iMPACT! only to get beaten down on the top of the show and weren't seen again.

The Pope and Mr. Anderson weren't on the broadcast. I was surprised that Anderson wasn't on.

Bischoff made his return to iMPACT! and didn't take up too much time.

Good show, good matches and I'm looking forward to next week.

Who is Matt Hardy's partner? Who is Angle's 'mistress'? Who is behind The Network?

Please DO NOT post spoilers for the May 12 edition of iMPACT!


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