Michigan's Loss To Toledo: Bad, Not Worst

Andrew GoodeCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2008

I was in the stands that fateful day.  I witnessed my team’s lethargy first-hand.  I saw them drive down the field late in the game, trying to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, and trying to avoid what would surely be the most embarrassing defeat ever. 

A long pass put us in field goal range.  I stood on my seat in the north end zone with my fingers crossed.  I waited for the ball to come towards me, but it barely made it off the ground.

Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32. 

Saturday’s 13-10 loss to Toledo, Michigan’s first-ever loss to a current MAC team, was embarrassing.  It sucked.  It really sucked.  It was, however, nowhere close to the loss that came last September.

Last year’s Michigan team was ranked No. 5 in the country, loaded with NFL talent, and primed to make a run at the National Championship. 

This year’s Michigan team had a losing record, half a dozen freshman or sophomore starters on offense, and a defense that had been shredded to the tune of 45 points and 501 yards the week before.

Last year’s Appalachian State team was much better than this year’s Toledo team, but the Wolverines will always have the stigma of losing to an FCS (It will always be 1-AA to me) team. 

Following “The Horror,” as it was dubbed by Brian of Mgoblog.com, highlights of the game were played on ESPN all week.  The Mountaineers were put on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  The game was nominated for the ESPY for biggest upset. 

How many times has the Michigan-Toledo game been discussed on TV this week?  Are the Rockets on the cover of SI?  Have Toledo t-shirt sales skyrocketed?

The loss to Toledo was embarrassing, but the loss to Appalachian State was a catastrophe. 

Thoughts on the Game:

  • Toledo had a great offensive gameplan.  Even though they only scored six points, they controlled the clock and put up over 250 yards through the air.  They took Michigan’s D-Line out of the game with rollouts, quick drops, and a variety of slants, outs, and hitches.
  • McGuffie should still be the featured back.  He’s the only one who hasn’t fumbled, and he is the best receiver of the backs.  He is a perfect fit in the offense.
  • Boubacar Cissoko looked really good filling in for Donovan Warren.  Hopefully when Warren gets back, the defensive staff will use Boo Boo in nickel packages instead of trying to use John Thompson to cover slot receivers and backs. 
  • What’s up with K.C. Lopata?  He hit 11-of-12 FG’s last year but this year he’s only 4-of-7.  Michigan will need him to step it up if they get into close games like the one on Saturday.
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