NBA Power Rankings: The 25 Most Hideous Looking Jerseys in League History

Danny Dukker@DannyDukkerCorrespondent IIMay 9, 2011

NBA Power Rankings: The 25 Most Hideous Looking Jerseys in League History

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    CLEVELAND - APRIL 19:  Gilbert Arenas #0 of the Washington Wizards looks on  while playing the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game One of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals during the 2008 NBA Playoffs at Quicken Loans Arena on April 19, 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio
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    In the NBA as well as any other sports league, jerseys are supposed to represent the team and the city from which the team hails.

    However, often times the designer takes that idea a little too far, if adhering to it at all. Some jerseys just make you facepalm or roll on the floor laughing.

    On this list I will rank for you the 25 worst jerseys the NBA has ever seen.

    Is your team No. 1? Probably not, but that should not stop you from seeing whose team is!

    P.S. Almost all of these jerseys are currently not in the NBA.

25. Toronto Raptors Road

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    This jersey just looks like the pajamas of an eight-year-old.

    It is not ugly, but the design of it is just terrible. Often times, a boring NBA game can put you to sleep, but it is rare that just watching these players on the court makes you wish you were in your bed!

24. Toronto Raptors Alternate

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    The Raptors have the honor of being the only team to actually hold two consecutive places on the slideshow!

    These jerseys are just ridiculously plain, and there would really be nothing wrong with that if the color scheme didn't look like something out of Barbie!

23. NBA All-Star Game

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    Apparently the designer thought that just putting start on a jersey qualified it to be an All-Star Game jersey.

    He was wrong! There is no creativity here, and the color scheme looks lazier than the defense played during the game!

22. Milwaukee Bucks Alternate

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    I actually don't hate this jersey as much as others, but I do see the pain people must feel when they are watching these jerseys for two straight hours.

    They are just boring green with one picture which does not look great to begin with.

21. Vancouver Grizzlies

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    It looks like someone used the Superman credits to make an NBA jersey.

    Also, even if you get by the letter, the idea of that bear being on both sides is just plain dumb!

    This whole jersey looks like an accident, not to mention that ugly color! Try starring at that for any length of time and see if you do not go crazy.

20. Phoenix Suns Orange

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    I hate these jerseys with a passion.

    Watching the Suns play in them just makes me cry. I know that Sunset is orange, but really? That is the genius idea that went through the mind of the designer?

    The only saving grace of that particular jersey is the name it has on it.

19. 1994 All Star Game

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    Speaking of obvious Phoenix facts. Did you know that there are cacti in Phoenix?

    Well, if you didn't, we have this jersey to play Discovery Channel for us. The fact that the cactus is in the star obviously makes this an All-Star Game Jersey.

    I think someone was late on their deadline...

18. Blazers Going Vertical

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    I don't know why, but I just hate these jerseys.

    They are so plain and uninteresting to look at! The only unique thing is the letter placement, but it's ugly anyway, so never mind.

17. Cleveland Cavaliers Home

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    You have a white jersey with orange trim and the "V" in "Cavs" acts like the hoop.

    What was served at their creative meeting?

16. Houston Rockets Road

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    You thought the Raptors were wearing pajamas...just look at these jerseys.

    The stripes are done terribly and I cannot even tell what that design is supposed to represent!

    OK, the rocket is obvious and it is flying around a basketball which is a planet. Right...

    Great idea, but next time you might want to actually think about what you are putting on your players.

15. Cleveland Cavaliers

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    I honestly have no clue at all as to what this was supposed to be.

14. Charlotte Bobcats Road

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    This at least has some design, but the problem is that it looks atrocious.

    The colors on the side look kinda pointless, and there is no type of color pattern at all here.

13. New York Knickerbockers

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    There is nothing on there, nothing at all!

    The New York symbol is iconic, but if that's the logo of the jersey, then we have a big problem.

12. Cleveland Cavaliers Home

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    Did Rick James have a license to decorate jerseys?

    If he did, then I think I could actually like this thing!

11. Phoenix Suns Road

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10. Philadelphia 76ers Road

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    These just make me laugh every time I see them.

    I know that Philly is the state where the Constitution and the Declaration were signed, but the stars look weird.

    They are out of place on an otherwise very plain red jersey.

9. Sacramento Kings Alternate

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    I will say this right now, I hate gold jerseys.

    Why? Because no team has actually pulled off the gold look well.

    Multiple teams have attempted Gold jerseys and all have failed; two find themselves on this list.

8. Wow Detroit!

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    One single piece of art on the whole thing.

    The horse looks nice and I like it, but everything else just looks lazy.

    There is nothing else on the jersey except for that one artwork above the team name and it sticks out like a sore thumb.

7. Chicago Red and Blue

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    Speaking of laughable...

    I literally have only found one single picture online of these jerseys, but I am pretty certain it is legitimate.

    The white belt in the middle just adds to how awful the whole thing looks.

6. Bobcats NASCAR

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    Maybe it's because I don't like NASCAR, but these jerseys bore me just looking at them.

    I guess during that game, they were considered NASHCAR jerseys! Haha..

    Yeah...I'm going to move on now.

5. Washington Wizards Alternate

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    Like I have stated before, gold jerseys are awful; this is one is no exception.

4. Rookie Sophomore Game Fail

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    Dots, wow.

    On models, the pattern might work, but on NBA's just silly.

3. At a Loss for Words....

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    Looks like the laundry basket got all mixed up again!

    "Mom! My shirt looks really weird now!"

    "It's OK, son, just wear it to the game!"

2. Mavericks with Whatever That Color Is

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    What is that?

    Metallic-brown? Silver-Metallic-Brown?

    I have no clue, and I doubt anyone else has, either.

1. Denver Nuggets

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    Taste the Rainbow!

    These jerseys are just so funny to look and it is even funnier to think about the creative process.

    Did someone really sit there and think:

    "You know what could work? Rainbow jerseys! Yes, I think I will make my team wear rainbow jerseys!"

    Well that is all, folks! I hope you enjoyed and please leave a comment as to which jerseys you hate!

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