Johnny Knoxville Actually Knocked Out By Khali Bomb?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 15, 2008

If you saw RAW Monday you saw what I saw, Jackass Star Johnny Knoxville on the show, which I personally loved. Steve-O would have been better though.

Anyway he was invited by The Great Khali of course but he along with the friend he was with, got into a little altercation with three WWE superstars, Beth Phoenix, Hornswaggle, and of course, The Great Khali.

But what was really puzzling to me, was what Knoxville said after the event, he told people backstage he was knocked out for a few seconds after the Kali bomb. You could clearly see his head whiplash back of the mat.

Its a hard surface in that part of the ring, and I wonder why they didn't put him in the middle? In any case Knoxville was up for the punishment, they have endured much worse as you know if you have seen the show.

I was quite entertained though, but since WWE is focusing on entertainment, maybe we might see TNA pull something like this off soon, they are copycats to the WWE all the time, so we will have to see.

Johnny Knoxville is no stranger to WWE superstars, he was in the movie Walking Tall with The Rock, and he said he learned a few things from him in an interview. Too bad it didn't help him.

I personally don't think he was knocked out though, but whatever.


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