SEOintelligence Officially a Killer Startup

Kyle BunchSenior Analyst IOctober 14, 2008

SEOi is a Killer Startup
I am pleased to announce that SEOintelligence, the project that Jeremy and I started on over a year ago, received the illustrious honor of being named a Killer Startup today by

(Killer as in the good kind — not the 80% that Calacanis has been talking about so much of late.)

Jeremy and I both feel good about where the app is at, and based on our first customers’ feedback, things are progressing quite nicely. At the same time, Jeremy and I are both our own harshest critics, and we’re quite realistic about all the work we still have ahead of us. So a little recognition for all that we’ve done thus far goes a long way towards keeping the engine fueled and chugging for all the work that still lies ahead.

If you would be so kind as to head over to Killerstartups’ review of SEOi and give us some love with a vote.