Not Surprised

The Brothers LynnCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2008

I am not at all surprised that BYU stayed right where they were at in the rankings. While I feel they could have moved up a spot or two because so many teams above them lost, I am not really surprised. They played a game with very little heart and emotion, which is unacceptable at home. There is just not enough humility on the offense. They walked all over the first few teams they played, but what everyone is overlooking is the defense.

The one close game they had was the worst game for the defense this year. All of the blowouts were a result of tremendous defensive play and multiple turnovers, not because the offense was playing so great. They had really short fields and tons of emotion because the defense was bringing it. Heaven help us if the defense has a totally off game.

The defense is the unit that deserves all of the credit at this point, but I am actually glad they are getting overlooked because maybe they will continue to stay humble and play with intensity. Their play is what is giving me hope that BYU could run the table. As everyone knows, defense wins championships, be they conference, or national.

The best example of this was Coleby Clawson’s play during the last two plays of the game. The outcome was no longer in doubt, but heart is what gets you sacks, and he exhibited how big his heart is by getting those two sacks. This was the second time in two weeks the defense held on at the end to keep the other team out of the endzone. They definately deserve a pat on the back. Maybe they could teach the offense about humility and heart during practice this week.