NFL Draft Rumors: 10 Possible Landing Spots for Tim Tebow If Broncos Draft a QB

Joe UnderhillCorrespondent IIIApril 25, 2011

Headed out of Denver?
Headed out of Denver?Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

There has been a fair amount of talk around various websites and draft experts about the new Denver leadership being unsatisfied with Tim Tebow, and may be looking for a development quarterback of their own. If this is true there are ten teams Denver should be talking to, and who should be talking with Denver about acquiring Tim Tebow. 

There has been a fair amount of debate about whether Tebow is ready to be a starting QB, or can develop into an effective starter. I am basing this assessment with the view of Tebow having potential as a starting quarterback, and being able to compete with the current QB's on the roster to start this season. I'm of the opinion that winning is the most important thing with a QB, and Tebow throughout his college career was a winner.  

I think there are ten teams who should kick the tires on Tebow and at least look into what Denver will want in return. Assuming Denver is not able to trade Tebow until after the draft, they will not be able to get as much for him in return, probably only a third or fourth round pick. This list of teams who should be considering Tebow is not in any specific order. 

Washington Redskins: The Redskins are in dire need of a Quarterback with some upside. Tebow presents more upside and potential than any QB on the roster. I think its a pretty safe bet that Donovan McNabb will be playing somewhere else next season. Tebow would provide a mobile QB and would give Mike Shanahan some options. Despite his mechanical "flaws" I think Tebow is accurate enough for the Redskins system.

The Redskins don't have a lot of picks in this years NFL draft, so they may be hesitant to give one up. However, if there isn't a QB available when they pick getting Tebow for a 2012 fourth round pick would be a good risk/reward scenario. 

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Jacksonville Jaguars: Jacksonville needs a quarterback to eventually replace David Garrard, so why not bring Tebow back to Florida? The Jaguars are picking at 16 in the first round which is to late to grab Newton or Gabbert, and probably to early to draft Jake Locker or Ryan Mallett. Garrard is still capable of playing another year, so adding Tebow could provide competition this year, and if needed could give Tebow another year to refine his skill set. 

I doubt Jacksonville would off above a fourth round pick for Tebow, because there is still risk of Tebow being a bust. Another benefit for Jacksonville is the excitement adding a popular player like Tebow would bring. Adding Tebow could also help spike attendance. A fourth round pick is worth the upside Tebow still possesses. 

Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals are in a pretty good situation to get a quarterback in the draft. However, Denver could mess with that scenario if Carolina and Denver draft QB's at the top of the draft. The ripple affect could cause several quarterbacks to go earlier than expected and Arizona could be in the market for a new QB. 

Tebow would have the weapons around him on offense to succeed. In Denver there receiving core was weak and the running game was non existent. I think Tebow could excel in the Arizona system and has the ability to get the ball to the play-makers like Fitzgerald and company. Also, Tebow's ability to get out of the pocket and move the chains with his feet will be a big bonus for Arizona if he ended up there.

Cincinnati Bengals: Carson Palmer wants out. Denver possibly wants to start over at quarterback. Could this work? Maybe. Cincinnati really doesn't want to lose Palmer, but they may not have a choice. I think a Palmer for Tebow with a couple of picks going both ways is a possibility. A mobile quarterback with slightly above average accuracy would fit in the Bengals system. Also, with the struggles the offensive line has had, having a QB who can escape will have added benefits. 

Its hard to say if Palmer would agree with a move to Denver, or if the Broncos would even be interested in Palmer. However, regardless of Palmer adding Tebow would make sense for the Bengals as long as the price wasn't to steep. If they sent a forth round pick to Denver and then were able to swap Palmer someplace else for a third rounder, Cincinnati would end up in a pretty good spot. 

Tennessee Titans: The Titans have decided to move on from the Jeff Fisher era and from the Vince Young experiment. I don't know if the Titan leadership is going to be ready to jump on board with another running QB, but Tebow is quite a bit different than Young. First despite his "bad mechanics" Tebow was a much more accurate QB than Young in college. Second, Tebow showed his accuracy wasn't a one year wonder (Young only completed above 65% once compared to Tebow's three out of four years). 

I think Tebow's ability to get out of the pocket will allow him to be a more accurate QB. While he still needs to work on continuing his down field reads while moving Tebow has the history and intelligence to improve. (Note, I'm not suggesting Young lacks intelligence). Having a QB who can run will make life tougher for opposing defenses as well. Not only will they have to game plan for Chris Johnson, but even when Johnson doesn't get the hand-off they won't be able to all drop back into coverage. Also, I think adding Tebow could help Johnson improve in the screen pass department.

San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers desperately need a quarterback. They have a good running back and a budding receiver. Adding Tebow will help in two areas. First Tebow is more accurate than the current quarterbacks on the roster. Second Tebow can move and make plays even when the protection breaks down. If San Francisco is not able to draft a quarterback in the second round I would expect them to kick the tires on young potentially solid QB's around the league. 

The West Coast offensive system fits Tebow well as it doesn't ask him to make a lot of seven step drops or wait for long routes to take place. Tebow excels in quick hits and short to intermediate throws.

Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings have to get a quarterback who can get the ball to their vertical weapons. While I think there will be some conversation between Denver and Minnesota, I doubt the Vikings will pull the trigger. Of all the teams in this list, this is probably the worst fit for Tebow. While his ability to get out of the pocket and find Peterson for short screen passes would be a big benefit he lacks the arm strength and deep accuracy the current Vikings system needs. 

Its possible the Vikings would consider Tebow, if they do not like any of the second round QB options, and are unable to land a veteran either via trade (Washington, Cincinnati) or free agency.

Miami Dolphins: Miami is a team with a fair number of positions which need to be addressed. Tebow's ability to move the pocket and move the chains with his feet will help open up some things for his receivers. Brandon Marshall would also benefit from having a QB like Tebow, because Tebow does a good job of putting balls where his receiver is able to battle for it, and Marshall is one of the best at winning those jump balls. 

If the Dolphins are able to swing a 2012 fourth round pick for Tebow I think they should do it. Adding the former Florida Gator would also bring a boost in popularity for the team and provide some much needed energy. 

Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs are a team who are not necessarily in the need department at QB, but you never know. Cassle has suffered some injuries and adding a cheap Tebow might be a nice insurance policy and could turn into a good investment. 

Tebow would fit in with the K.C. offensive system quite well and would give the speed backs lots of opportunity in the screen game. While this is probably one of the least likely destinations and might be one of the better fits for Tebow's style.

Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks need to find a replacement for Matt Hasselback. I'm not sure how Pete Carrol feels about a mobile QB, but I think Tebow could do well in his system. The story with Seattle will depend on how the quarterbacks come off the board in the first round. Sitting at 25 they should be in a pretty good position to either trade back and get extra picks (which the could flip for a prospect like Tebow) or draft a QB they think will fit their system. 

So where does Tebow land? I think there are two teams Denver is most likely to be able to work a deal with. Jacksonville and Cincinnati. Of course all of this is dependent on Denver deciding it wants to take a QB at the top of the draft. If they do I think those two teams should be at the front of the line for Tebow. While I don't think Tebow will be talked about in the same breath as the Manning's and Farve, etc, I think he will be talked about as a winner who helps his team compete in every game.