ESPN Rant: Just Say No to Skip Bayless, Tony Kornheiser

Jeff BailitzContributor IJanuary 16, 2008

Next time you are home sick, off work, or just lying around on a weekday, make sure you don't watch ESPN at 2PM. The program 1st and 10 owns that slot in the TV lineup.

This show attempts to be Around the Horn without the points, and PTI without the knowledge.

Why do I care what Skip Bayless thinks about the world of sports? He doesn't specialize in any one particular sport and he doesn't exactly specialize in anything really except looking like a fool.

The man has made such quotes as, "LeBron James is not a good shooter," and "I wouldn't be shocked if Wade Phillips became Defensive Coordinator and Jason Garret became Head Coach."

Why do guys like this get an opportunity to voice themselves?

I realize that I, myself, am writing some pretty opinionated thoughts right now, but the fact that one guy is allowed to say so much with such little sense is absurd.

Which also brings me to my next topic: Who made the decision to allow Tony Kornheiser in the booth for Monday Night Football? He is great on PTI, don't get me wrong, but he is not a football announcer.

You start to lose the audience when he constantly calls the losing team "babies" and "whiners." Additionally, he doesn't really give good insight on the sport or game.

Mike gives great play by play and keeps the booth in line, and Jaws gives his ex-player’s opinion and also awesome analysis.

Kornheiser comes in and just destroys it. 

I think ESPN should reconsider MNF's third person. What ever happened to Joe Theisman? He was great.

I won't even get started on Jay Mariotti.


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