Floyd Mayweather: Multimillion-Dollar Mansion for Pretty Boy Floyd

BenitoTheSmoothCorrespondent IIIApril 22, 2011

Floyd Mayweather: Multimillion-Dollar Mansion for Pretty Boy Floyd

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    Floyd Mayweather is arguably the greatest boxer on the planet. Known for his lightning-quick ring speed and larger than life antics, Floyd is the cash cow of the boxing world. Money Mayweather loves money.

    It's as simple as that.

    Mayweather's name has become synonymous with making and spending money.

    The Wall Street Journal profiled Mayweather's extravagant living situation: 

    "Mr. Mayweather Jr.’s hideout is a 22,000-square-foot, five-bedroom, seven-bath custom-built home on a golf course created with most every luxury imaginable—plus a few more. Ceilings, over 24 feet high, drip with crystal chandeliers and walls are covered in materials like red silk and textured glass. The movie theater is two-stories high and touch-screen video games are affixed to the kitchen counter."

    $9 million can get you a lot in California—now imagine spending that much in Nevada.

    Here's an inside look at Mayweather's ridiculous Las Vegas mega-mansion.

Mayweather's Crib

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    Mayweather spent $9 Million on his 22,000 square foot pad, and to be honest, it came out pretty damn cool. It's not that tacky and has some incredible features that any young bachelor would be jealous of. 

The Sitting Room

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    Twenty-four-foot vaulted ceilings, a grand piano, and a fireplace! Mayweather's sitting room is off the hook. I can picture Mayweather sitting by the fire with a dime piece, while his boy tickles the ivories.

The Kitchen

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    Mayweather's kitchen looks simple enough: All granite everything, giant island, dark wood cabinets, etc., but the touch-screen video game consoles on the kitchen counter are quite unique.

The Movie Room

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    Floyd's two-story movie theatre is legit. Red leather and surround sound—probably the kick-it spot after a long day/night of training. 

The Closet

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    Probably my favorite part of Mayweather's digs, the closet. The size gives you plenty of room to model in front of the mirror.

    Via the Wall Street Journal:

    "The walk-in closet measures 600 square feet; the cabinet that contains Mr. Mayweather's collection of fur coats is lined with cedar."

The Bedroom

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    So this is where the magic happens. To be honest, I'm not impressed. I was expecting a circular bed with some leopard print silk sheets and mirrors on the ceiling.

The Wine Cellar

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    Perhaps a Chateau Margaux for Mr. Mayweather?

The Joys of Being Rich

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    Keep doing what you do Money May and thanks for the tour!