Jerry Reese: Finding Gold in Other Teams' Garbage

Michael SamuelSenior Analyst IOctober 9, 2008

Jerry Reese, the Giants' General Manager, is like the guy you see roaming the streets with his van, trying to pick up scraps that were thrown to the curb by people who felt what they had purchased was no good. 

Case point one

Look at last week, Domenick Hixon described on ESPN as a "who dat reserve wide receiver," caught four balls in last week's game for 102 yards.

Of course, most sports fans remember the tragic moment when Kevin Everret of the Buffalo Bills was unconscious when making a tackle on the kick-coverage unit, the return man was then-Broncos WR Domenick Hixon.

The Broncos later cut him in the 2007 season, and there was Jerry Reese saying, "You don't need him? Fine, that is our starting X Receiver just in case Plaxico Burress misses a practice."  That is pretty impressive that Jerry Reese has that great of an eye for talent. 

Case point two

The Giants' rushing offense was dominant as usual last weekend, racking up 254 yards on the ground. The three-headed running-back monster of Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward, and Ahmad Bradshaw has totaled a 6.17 yards per carry, something unheard of for a four-game stretch.

In their running game, the fullback is vital—particularly on lead and trap plays for Jacobs and Ward and on toss plays for Bradshaw. Madison Hedgecock, for anyone who doesn't know, is the starting fullback. Last year he was put on waivers by the Rams before the start of the season. Not a bad pick up for the Giants off of waivers, right? 

How did Jerry Reese again say, "Oh, you don't want him? Fine, that's our starting fullback." Hedgecock is, in my opinion, the best pure fullback in the NFL. He's a throwback player, my type of player, who works hard and doesn't get enough credit for how great of a player he is. 

These are just some quick points off of the top of my head. If anyone else can think of other examples, please post it in the comments. I would love to hear other Giants fans' opinions.


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