Kevin Na Video: Watch PGA Tour Pro Card a 16 at Valero Texas Open

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistApril 15, 2011

Professional golfer Kevin Na lived through a nightmare No. 9 hole in the opening round of the Valero Texas Open in San Antonio when he set a PGA Tour record by carding a 16 on the par-four hole.

It all started when Na hit his tee short way right and into the woods.

He decided that there was no way he could play the ball and opted to pick it up, head back to the tee and do it all over again.

No big deal, right?

But Na did it again.  On the tee for the second time, he hit the ball waaaay right, and back to almost the same exact spot.

That's when the fun begins. 

Na hit the ball at least 10 times while lost in the thicket and in the process of getting out of that maze of trees and greenery managed to hit a tree, lose a stroke after getting by his own golf ball and swung and missed on another shot.

The final count, according to video replay, was a 16.  The worst golf has ever seen since John Daly's 18 at Bay Hill in 1998.

Suffice it to say, Na was no longer in contention at the end of the day.

He finished with an 80.  And to think he started the hole at 1-under.

That's one forgettable day for the Korean-American golfer.  At this point, he's got nothing to do but laugh and start thinking about his next tournament.

All together now!

Na Na Na Na. Hey, Hey, Goodbye!


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