WWE News: Donald Trump's Wrestlemania 23 Payday Made Public

Gone Baby GoneContributerApril 12, 2011

Did you ever wonder, what certain celebrities make when they appear for the WWE?

Well wonder no more, according to 411mania.com, Donald Trump pulled in a cool $4 million dollars for his charity the "Donald J. Trump Foundation" for his appearances leading up to, and during Wrestlemania 23.

Now as you may recall, Trump was a part of the dual gimmick "Hair vs Hair",Ā  "Billionaire vs Billionaire" match.Ā  A match that pitted Bobby Lashley with Donald Trump in his corner against Umaga with Vince McMahon in his.

The match was pretty much a lock from the beginning, as Donald Trump could not have changed his infamous look.

This was not the first time Trump had graced WWE TV, as his hotel and casinos have hosted several Wrestlemania's, and he was almost always shown in the audience.

He also returned to Raw in 2009 to guest host, this appearance netted his charity an extra $1 million dollars.

Even though his appearances of late have been paid, it's nice to see that the money goes to charity and not Trumps pocket.Ā 

One thing is for sure, he definitely ranks higher than Snooki. Especially since he and Vince are friends, and Trump has just a pinch more class.