This One Time, at Banned Camp: Wisconsin Band Suspended for Ohio State Game

Mike MartinCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2008

In what some are calling "The Shocker," the entire University of Wisconsin Marching Band is going to be spending some time at Banned Camp this fall.

Amid charges of sexual misconduct, the entire University of Wisconsin Marching Band will not be on hand when the Ohio State Buckeyes visit Camp Randall for the Saturday Night showdown on national TV.

Charges of boozing and banging are not new to the band. Back in 2006 several band member's actions had the band put on suspension. Co-eds were "Badgered" into semi-nude dancing, forced lesbian kissing, and sucking on vibrators.

While this conduct is staple on college campuses across America, they are no-no's as hazing rituals for Wisconsin's band. With the college game, on TV, going the route of being over-analyzed I have to there will be little impact for the fans but could the suspension have an impact on the spirit of team? That fact remains to be seen.