WWE News: Triple H Will Induct D-X Partner Shawn Michaels

Gone Baby GoneContributerMarch 30, 2011

It was announced during today's WrestleMania press conference, that Triple H will be inducting his long-time friend Shawn Michaels into the WWE Hall of Fame.

This is the second time Triple H has held the honor of inducting a legend, as he inducted Ric Flair back in 2008.

This is really not that surprising as Hunter and Michaels have been pretty tight since the 90's. As the founding members of D-X , they were a huge part in molding the Attitude-Era. 

Unfortunately for Michaels, he would not be involved with the faction during their biggest, most successful run. Michaels had suffered a serious back injury and had to go into semi-retirement to heel after WrestleMania 15.

Several years later, Michaels returned as a member of WWE's version of the NWO. Eventually he would split from the faction and set his sites on another title run. Which came-to-fruition in 2002 as he won the first ever Elimination Chamber, by beating Triple H.

The two reformed D-X in 2006, having several feuds with Shane and Vince McMahon. They would later disband and reform several times for limited engagements, prior to Michaels retirement in 2010.

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony takes place this Saturday. However, fans will have to wait until Monday night to watch it on TV. As the WWE felt they needed some extra time to turn the show around and produce a better product for the fans.

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