The Dirtiest Player in All Of Sports

Jared HighContributor IOctober 3, 2008

There have been many players in sports who have been known as dirty players.

Men like Dick Butkus, Dennis Rodman, Ty Cobb, and Bobby Clarke are just to name a few.

But no player in sports history is as dirty a player as the Dallas Cowboys safety Roy Williams. Few other players if any can say that a penalty was instituted because you injured so many players doing it.

The horse collar tackle rule was created because Roy Williams would always miss a guy he was attempting to tackle so he would grab their neck n try and break their leg.

I mean how can T.O. even be on a team with the guy who broke his leg?

And I don't know about you but I have never seen Roy Williams actually be in good coverage. He sometimes gets lucky when a quarterback makes a bad pass but he is one of the worst coverage safeties of all time.

To make up for his lack of coverage ability, he takes cheap shots at the receivers after they have already caught the ball.

Hey Roy, maybe if you were actually in the right place at the right time you wouldn't have to take such a cheap shot.

He also can't tackle for the life of him. That's why he is always behind the runner hanging on to his collar for dear life. No one in sports has tried to injure somebody so many times with an illegal play. That's why Roy Williams is the dirtiest player in all of sports.


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