Hard Hitting Filipino Boxer To Fight For a Super Featherweight Title

noning antonioContributor ISeptember 28, 2008

A hard hitting filipino boxer is making a name in the boxing scene and is slated to challenge a Thailander champion for the WBO Oriental Super Featherweight title in Cebu City, Philippines.

A true blooded Zamboangueño,  rated boxer  Anthony Marcial, 20, is now preparing for the regional title bout which will happen on December 3, this year.

Marcial who is an orthodox fighter has an unblemished record of nine bouts all coming by way of knockouts. All his opponents were stoped in the 5th round.

A former amateur standout and a graduate of a boxing tournament dubbed as "Golpe-Golpe na Zamboanga" that was held every month by District 2, Congressman Erbie Fabian, Marcial started his quest in the professional arena after his talent was discovered by a Manila based promoter.

He was once a member of a national pool of the Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines.

It will be Marcial's first title fight and if he wins, this will open the door for lucrative fights in the future probably a legitimate title fight. He will also be Zamboanga's secong WBO champion joining WBO Featherweight Champion Eric Canoy. (Noning R. Antonio)