NFL Lockout 2011: Winners and Losers

Mark GainesCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2011

NFL Lockout 2011: Winners and Losers

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    NFL LOCKOUTDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

    With a Lock Out in the NFL still looming, the players and the owners are not the only ones who will be affected by it.

    A colleague of mine and myself were talking about how this will effect many people not only negatively but positively. Let's take a look at the winners and the losers of the NFL Lockout 2011 if it were to happen.

Winner: NFL Owners

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    Tom Benson, Owner of the New Orleans Saints
    Tom Benson, Owner of the New Orleans SaintsChris Graythen/Getty Images

    The owners will win because, eventually, they will get what they want. They have the upper hand in all of this, and a lockout for the 2011 season would not hurt them financially like it would some of the players.

    Many fans are on the side of the owners, but we must look at both sides. If your boss wanted you to work more hours, but only wanted to pay you the same amount, you would be angry as well too.

Loser: Thousands of NFL Stadium Employees

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    Stadium Employees across the country
    Stadium Employees across the country

    Thousands of employees who keep the stadiums clean, keep food and beer in your hands, and provide a secure experience for you as fans will be out of work if the lockout happens. This could mean unemployment rates will spike, and be very costly for the United States in the long run.

    I think what the owners and players do not understand is that this lockout will really hurt the "little guy" that works behind the scenes to provide that "NFL Experience" we as fans pay high dollars for.

Winner: The Players

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    NFL Players
    NFL PlayersAndy Lyons/Getty Images

    The players will ultimately be considered a winner because the owners will loosen their demands and that will give the players the edge to get what they want. If they get a majority of what they want, I would consider them to be a winner.

    The players seem to be asking for a lot, but are they? That is a matter of opinion and is being debated all over the country.

    Personally, I understand where they are coming from on principle. On a financial level, I think they are very well taken care of by their owners on an individual performance basis.

Loser: Television Companies

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    ESPN, NBC, ABC, FOX and others
    ESPN, NBC, ABC, FOX and others

    The NFL lockout will hurt the revenues that television production companies stand to make during a NFL Football season. This will not bankrupt these companies, but it will effect the staff, correspondents, analysts, and hosts that will no longer have NFL games to produce or analyze. 

Winner: NCAA College Football Season

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    NCAA Football
    NCAA Football

    With no football on Sundays and tons of NFL fans left in the dark, you can bet they will turn to College to fill the void left by the NFL. This will boost ratings for college football games, the BCS Bowl games and put more spot light on NCAA Sports.

    This will be great for the players who will be coming out of college and entering the draft in 2012, as there will be a lot of noteworthy attention placed on them, and ultimately will be a positive for them.

    It will increase revenue for colleges all around the country, in a time where budgets are strapped for most Universities—public and private.

    All and all, I would say college football will be one of the biggest winners of an NFL Lockout.

Loser: The Fans

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    Football Fans
    Football Fans

    For some of us, Sundays are spent eating Hooter's wings and watching Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and our other favorite players fight it out on the gridiron in hopes of climbing their way to the Super Bowl. A lockout will force us to find other things to do on Sundays.

    A little extra time with the family, working around the yard, or simply reading a book might be a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but I think I speak for everyone—this Fall will NOT be the same with out an NFL Season.

    Ironically, the fans, are the reason why the guys in the middle of the lockout are even in business. Without us spending our money, you wouldn't have issues to even fight about!

    Here is hoping that NFL Lockout does not occur, in the end, who wins?