Why Don’t Commentators Ever Run for Office?

Nicholas PardiniCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2008

Commentators across the media from talk radio to television constantly rant about political issues and what is wrong with society. Critics such as Larry Elder, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Rielly, Keith Olbermann, Sean Hannity, and a boatload of others rant on television and radio, write columns and books, and exopress complaints to politicians claiming that they can do a better job. If they believe that their viewpoints can really help solve the problems of American society, than why don’t any of these commentators run for office?

Although there are legal issues related to participating in the media simultaneously holding an office, but if these people really put country first, than why do they not try to actively pursue in Congress or the presidency. They have more than enough media notoriety Possibly in modern society pundits have more influence on both governmental policy and the American people than an individual congressman. It also might not be worth the pay cut that these people must take in order to participate in government. The partisan nature of these people also may also hurt their chances. Overall, due to the lack to back up their supposed concern about the country of these commentators by refusing to enter politics themselves, these people show hypocrisy by not taking action. This is more of a question than a full length article. Please comment your opinions of why pundits do not run for office.

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