Top Flops: The 25 Funniest Soccer Falls Ever

David Daniels@TheRealDDanielsSenior Writer IMarch 1, 2011

Top Flops: The 25 Funniest Soccer Falls Ever

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    Soccer: The only sport on the planet in which the fans are tougher than the players.

    The game boasts the most intense fans on the face of the Earth.  Fans have literately committed murder over the outcome of contests.

    On the flip-side, many soccer players act like the word "Women's" should be added in front of the phrase "World Cup."

    In America, the game isn't given much respect.  Soccer players are often called foot or grass fairies.

    There's "flopping" in other sports, but other athletes don't take it to the same level soccer players do. 

    Here are the 25 funniest soccer flops ever:

25. Fabregas

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    This would be higher, but there's a chance the player kicked himself on accident.

    Actually, if it was on accident it would probably be even funnier.

24. Random Player

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    Yes, the classic, "I won't be able to get to the ball before he does, so I'll just fall down."

    Too bad he decided to resort to the technique two steps too late.

23. Ronaldo No. 1

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    Nice kidney shot...

    Ronaldo is by far the most infamous flopper in the game.

22. Aliiev

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    Possum or quick healer?

    I'm sorry mate, possum it is.

21. Klinsmann

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    Poor guy had a seizure on the field.

    The question I have is: What in the world are the trainers working on?

20. De Rossi

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    The delayed reaction is everything.

    He's the first man to ever be able to stand up after tearing his Achilles tendon.

19. N.Torres

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    "Can't...get to the ball...he tripped me!"

    Got to love the back of the hand to the forehead at the end. "Woe is me..."

18. Random Player

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    The person who edited this video obviously thinks this is hilarious.

    Soccer do you possibly miss that call?

17. Drogba

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    Drogba got...JACKED UP!!

    Don't make fun; if your head got smashed in between a soccer ball and that beast's chest you'd roll all over the ground too.

16. Lafferty No. 1

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    The green striped dude got thrown out by the way.

    They both deserved to be red-carded. That acting was pitiful on both ends.

15. Merelinense Goalie

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    Look at it!

    Can't you see it, the injury?!

14. F. Torres

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    Fun Fact: I've been told by soccer players that soccer is a more physical sport than football.

    P.S. It wasn't Fernando Torres who said that. 

13. Ronaldo No. 2

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    You know how if you get hit in the neck your neck will start hurting?

    Well, when Ronaldo gets hit in the neck, his nose starts to hurt and/or bleed. 

12. Boyd

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    I counted four steps of separation before he went down.

    Anyone else curious as to what he could've possibly been arguing about?

11. Gilardino

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    Apparently Gilardino was shot by a sniper.

    That's the only fathomable explanation for such an athlete to fall like that. 

10. Carrasco

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    Most soccer players are absolutely horrible actors.

    Brian Carrasco, on the other hand, has found his future occupation after his playing days are over.

9. Random Goalie

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    There's only one thing that could've been stepped on to cause that much pain.

    A soccer ball is protecting that, so, about that acting...

8. Pederson

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    The expression on his face is priceless.

    I counted about five to six steps of separation, plus bonus points for looking back.

7. Faroese Player

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    The ref was looking right at him and he still tried to fake an injury.

    The intelligence involved in that fight is on another level.

6. Lafferty No. 2

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    Even Zinedine Zidane didn't go head-to-head with his head-butt.

    Maybe his breath smelled bad.

5. Random Player

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    Haymaker right to the temple.

    I don't know how that guy remained conscious; what a warrior.

4. Fostervold

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    Fostervold got leveled by punch to the face by an invisible fist.

    The second flop was actually mocking the first flop.

3. Pantsil

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    Drunk drivers are known to have a delayed reaction on the road.

    Seriously, soccer players have to drink before games; there's no other explanation.

2. Rivaldo

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    Remember Ronaldo's odd case of pain traveling from the neck to nose?

    Well, Rivaldo has the same condition in his knee.

1. Meier-Streit

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    Who knew that flopping was contagious?

    The trainer had to treat players who faked injuries so many times it just rubbed off onto him.

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