College Football 2011: Power Ranking the 25 Programs With The Rudest Fan Bases

Sean MerrimanCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2011

College Football 2011: Power Ranking the 25 Programs With The Rudest Fan Bases

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    Have you ever been to a college football game while wearing your home school colors, but your home school is the away team?

    If not, it is something to experience, especially if it is a big-time college football game.

    We have all heard about playing at the Swamp, and Death Valley, and of course, Bryant-Denny Stadium. But which schools truly have the rudest fan bases out there? What goes on during these college football games that we don't get a chance to see by simply sitting in front of our TV and watching the game?

    This is a piece where the schools do count, but it's the fans that really make the difference.

    Let's break down the 25 programs with the rudest, most arrogant fan bases in all of college football.

25. Fresno State

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    You would be rude too if you lost to Northern Illinois by 23 points in your bowl game.

    Being from the WAC, you really don't hear all that much about Fresno State on the national spotlight, but what you do hear through the cracks is how rude this fan base is.

    Reports of spitting at people at games have surfaced through the interest and talk around the country. They only come in at No. 25 here, but if there is any truth to the fact that these fans actually spit on people who wear visitor teams colors. That's just downright, disrespectful.

24. Michigan

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    It's really not so much that Michigan fans are rude, but they have to be hands down the most arrogant college football fans on the planet.

    I personally am lucky to have a few friends who went to Michigan that did not act this way, but going to games at the Big House, I have seen first hand how cocky these fans are about their football team, even despite posting a 15-22 record over the past three seasons.

    These fans don't curse a lot, and outside of cheering, the student section is pretty quiet and under control for having the biggest stadium in college football. But it's simply the cockiness that gets Michigan on this list.

    I wrote this article earlier this year about why hiring Brady Hoke was a poor decision, and I got bombarded with comments bashing me saying that Hoke is going to bring them right back to the top. Prime example:

    Brady Hoke Hired By Michigan: Why He'll Be Just As Bad As Rich Rodriguez

23. Arizona State

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    Arizona State is a school that is known for being one of the top party schools in the nation.

    With that said, you take a ton of college students that like to drink and party and put them at a college football game, and yes, things are bound to get rowdy.

    There haven't been any nationally publicized stories about Sun Devils fans spitting on people (at least not that I have read), but this is a wild and crazy group, and when you consume as much alcohol as ASU fans apparently do, that speaks for itself.

22. Texas

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    Much like Michigan, the University of Texas makes this list because of how arrogant their fans are.

    If you live in Texas and didn't attend Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor or Texas A&M, chances are that you are a Texas Longhorns fan that believe that anything Texas is bigger and better than the rest.

    But wait, Matthew McConaughey comes to some of their football games and gets to stand on the sidelines while flashing the hook em' horns sign, doesn't that count for something? No, sorry. It really doesn't.

21. Auburn

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    Now we're breaking into SEC Country, where college football takes on an entirely new meaning for these teams and their fans.

    Auburn certainly has some passionate fans, which can translate into being rude, but shockingly enough, there are still at least five more schools from the SEC that will top Auburn on this list.

    Bottom line, when you have a perfect 13-0 season and win the National Championship, you have some right to be a little cocky and let loose on other schools. Because in reality, Auburn ruled the college football world this season.

    However, that still isn't to say that their fans aren't rude. Let's just say that I would not want to be the one to break up a fight between an Auburn and Alabama fan. More on that later.

    Also, these fans might lack manners, but apparently they lack spelling skills as well. Just check out the photo.

20. Wisconsin

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    Being a Big Ten fan, I have been to the majority of the stadiums in the conference and I have to admit, the "Jump Around" bit that they do during Wisconsin home football games is one of the coolest sights in all of college football. But man, do these fans ever get heated if something doesn't go their way.

    With a program that has as much continual success as the Badgers, most of the time, fans are leaving Camp Randall with a smile on their face. But when Wisconsin lost at home against Iowa two years ago, it was not a pretty sight.

    Fans were throwing things at opposing Iowa fans, cursing up a storm, and just not a great environment to be in. Call it being a passionate fan, but more appropriate would be calling it being stupid.

19. Pittsburgh

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    Sports Illustrated Magazine conducted a recent poll where fans are asked a series of questions about the major college football conferences, and one of the main questions in the survey is "Which school has the rudest fans for visitors?"

    In the poll that focused on Big East schools, Pittsburgh rated as the second rudest school, behind West Virgina, with a 25 percent vote.

    In addition to that, Pittsburgh also rated the lowest out of every Big East School when fans were asked "Which School has the most polite fans for visitors."

    It's fair to say that those two poll questions right there speak for itself as to why Pittsburgh made the cut for this list.

18. Michigan State

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    If you have ever been to a Saturday night football game at Spartan Stadium, then you know exactly why Michigan State has made this list.

    Chants of "Ass****" rain down on opposing fans who walk into the stadium wearing the visiting teams' colors. At some games, they get the entire cheering section to point at the visitors and scream out the chant.

    On the other hand, Michigan State also features one of the best chants in all of college sports. When it reaches an important play in the game, Gerard Butler appears on the loudspeaker and asks the fans "What is your profession," and together,  the students all give the well known response from the movie 300.

    Michigan State is another one of those schools that has a reputation as being a "party school." Let's just leave it with this: If I were a Michigan fan and my team was playing away at Michigan State, I would defiantly make the decision to stay at home and watch the game or not wear my maize and blue. Just a friendly suggestion.

17. Boise State

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    Going back to that Sports Illustrated Poll, Boise State ranked first in the WAC in the "Which school has the rudest fans" poll.

    With success comes arrogance, and with arrogance comes some rudeness. That is exactly what has happened here in this little school in the middle of the Idaho potato fields.

    Even with a head football coach that is one of the most classiest guys in the game today, the fans of Boise State have made great strides in the race to become college football's most arrogant and cocky. They believe that if they were in a top conference, that they could compete with anyone and everyone.

    Good thing they made the move to a major conference, well...soft of.

16. Central Florida

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    If you read this article published in Central Florida's student newspaper, you will understand exactly why a school like Central Florida cracked this list.

    Shoving opposing fans, stealing from them, and most noticeable and shocking of all, urinating on them!

    Come on, Central Florida. That is just down right disgusting. There is a difference between between being rude and just being downright classless. Looks like Central Florida falls into the later of the two.

    The biggest question here has to be ,"Why?" Has Central Florida ever been good in anything? The answer is no.

15. Oklahoma

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    Oklahoma is a big-name school that has a ton of tradition with their football program. Therefore, if you enter their stadium with the opposing teams colors, well, it isn't going to be the most enjoyable day of your life, that's for sure.

    Sooner fans eat, sleep and breathe Oklahoma football and really, if you aren't drinking that red kool aid, well then you better get out why you can. Fans here are cocky, arrogant, rude, and most noticeably, proud of their football team.

    In fact, they are so proud that it probably doesn't even matter if this guy's butt crack is showing in this photo. As long as they are rocking the red and white, its all good in Sooner country.

14. Arizona

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    When I began researching for this article, I didn't even have Arizona on my original list. But after watching this Youtube video here, they not only made the list, but they jumped all the way up to No. 14 as far as rude fans go.

    The story here is that Iowa traveled to Arizona to take on the Wildcats on Sept. 18 of this past college football season. The Wildcats defeated the Hawkeyes 34-27 in a game televised nationally by ESPN, but in the days following the football game, videos began popping up on Youtube that showed a small group of Arizona fans cursing at, and making obscene gestures toward Iowa fans who’d made the trip to Tucson.

    If you want to get to the real bad part, fast forward to about the 1:15 mark, where an Arizona fan actually takes a swing and begins to attack an Iowa football fan in the stands.

    Now, chances are that these idiots probably had no affiliation to the university whatsoever, but still none the less, not a good rep for Arizona football fans.

13. Washington

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    Take a look at this article and you should get a clear view of why Washington University and their rude fans are coming in at No. 13 on this list.

    I can understand being passionate about your home school, but throwing drinks at opposing fans, come on, that's not right.

    I guess you can understand why Washington fans get so pissed off, if you were consistently as bad as the Huskies have been as of late, you would be pissed off too.

12. Colorado

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    According to the Sports Illustrated poll, the University of Colorado rated No. 2 in the Big-12 as far as schools with the rudest fan base. They also rated right towards the end of the list of the most polite fans in the Big 12.

    There was a report that came out a while ago about a game play against Texas where Colorado fans were throwing gold tee shirts onto the football field in the middle of game. The shirts were being mistaken for penalty flags and it got to the point where announcers were even confusing the shirts for penalty flags.

    Boulder is a party city and Colorado is a party school. But when fans are throwing shirts onto the field in the middle of game and laughing about it, that's just pure disrespect.

11. USC

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    LOS ANGELES - SEPTEMBER 5:   USC Trojans fans cheer during the game with the San Jose State Spartans on September 5, 2009 at the Los Angeles Coliseum in Los Angeles, California.   (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
    Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

    USC does have some fans that can get wild and carried away at times, but part of it certainly has to be the passion for the sport.

    The city of Los Angeles does not have a professional football team. With the exception of UCLA, who have been consistently bad at football as of late, USC is Los Angeles football. It is the only team that is good down there, and fans go wild for that team.

    With the success comes some arrogance, and USC fans certainly have plenty of that.

10. Miami

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    The University of Miami doesn't have the greatest reputation as far as being the most well-behaved athletic program in the country. But when you take a bunch of drunk fans and mix that with the fact that the Hurricanes have not lived up to expectations for close to a decade now, you are going to get some pretty pissed off fans.

    In Sports Illustrated poll for the fans with the rudest visitors, Miami topped every team in the ACC by a large margin, posting a 23 percent vote, which was more than seven perfect more than second place, Maryland.

    Miami, or "The U" as many refer to it as, also scored less than one percent in the "most polite fans" poll.

    Maybe getting rid of Randy Shannon will finally make fans put a smile across their face and forget these last couple years of mediocre football and sorrow?

9. Georgia

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    JACKSONVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 30:  A fan shows support for the Georgia Bulldogs prior to the game against the Florida Gators at EverBank Field on October 30, 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
    Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

    Ah yes, now we get into the heart of SEC country, where football isn't just a game to fans, it is a lifestyle.

    Here is a series of posts that I came across when researching about what makes Georgia football fans so rude.

    "I had never had trouble with GA fans before, but yesterday they were the biggest jerks ever. One guy was in the student section and tried to fight a student because our fan said that Richt might lose his job. Then when I was at a friends tailgate, another GA fan kicked his bag and tried to fight my friend for no reason. They were just ridiculous. I was truly amazed how rude they were."

    "I was at the '01 game where GA came back on us in the fourth Q. I almost got into several fights with GA fans. They were as obnoxious as I've been around. And I've been to Tuscaloosa for multiple games."

    Call it passion if you want, but when your getting into fights over fans wearing the opposing teams colors, that defines rude and classless if you ask me. Although, I will give them this, Georgia's mascot, Uga, is one of the coolest mascots of all time.

8. Tennessee

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    If you went from being a national powerhouse program, to winning 18 total games in the past three years combined and then have your head coach dedicate himself to your school and then quit after just one year to take a job at USC, wouldn't you have a little built up hatred as well?

    Tennessee fans might not have the No. 1 rudest fans in the country, but they darn well have the most pissed off fans in the country.

    No matter what, it seems like things have just been spiraling downward for this college football program over the past couple of years, and it's not getting any better.

    It has been said by many that Georgia vs. Tennessee is one of the most heated rivalries in all of college sports. But when you lose 41-14 against your rival, you have a right to be angry fans.

7. Ohio State

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    Has the old saying of "a picture can speak a thousand words" ever been so spot on as in this photo right here.

    In the Sports Illustrated fan poll asking which school has the rudest fans in the Big Ten, Ohio State won by a landslide. The fans are rude and the fact that their are so many of them packed into that stadium, just makes it one dangerous place to enter while wearing the enemies colors.

    Most of the Buckeyes fellow Big Ten schools will be shocked that Ohio State isn't higher up on this list, but you have to be pretty darn rude to make the top ten here.

    The rudeness mixed with the arrogance of the Ohio State fans is very well known, not only around Big Ten land, but everywhere in the country.

    And obviously, they start them at a young age.

6. Texas Tech

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    Texas Tech? Really? How did a school like that make it this high on the list?

    Tech has so many great traditions, such as the Masked Rider, the Saddle Tramps and the Guns Up sign.

    Some fans have added other traditions to a home game at Jones AT&T Stadium such as cussing, obscene gestures and fighting. In fact, this became such a big issue in football games last season, that Texas Tech Chancellor, Kent Hance and Athletic Director Gerald Myers had to meet with the Texas Tech student section leaders in order to make it a point to put an end to the constant bad behavior.

    In the Sports Illustrated poll, Texas Tech won by a landslide when asked, which fans are the rudest in the Big 12.

5. Oregon

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    It is well known that Oregon has some of the rudest fans in all the land, which is why they come in here at spot No. 5.

    Stories about how Oregon fans insult your family and greet you with profanities as you walk to your seat have been well documented throughout time. And the thing about it is that it doesn't matter what school you are from.

    I'm sure that if any Portland State fans happened to make the trip to Eugene to see their team get stomped 69-0 this year, they probably heard it from Oregon fans from the start of the game to the finish.

    Interesting fact here is that Oregon ranked No. 1 in the SI Poll for which Pac 10 school has the rudest fans (no surprise there). But on the other hand, the Ducks also came in third for "what is your favorite stadium to visit in your teams conference."

    Either way, don't plan on going to Autzen Stadium wearing your team's colors and come of there with a smile on your face.

4. Florida

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    Florida's obsession with Tim Tebow was enough to make an opposing fan puke (notice the sign) and it is just to show how arrogant some Florida fans are about their football team.

    If you don't root for Florida then "who the heck do you think you are" is pretty much the attitude that is carried around this University when it comes to Florida football.

    In the Sports Illustrated poll question of "which school has the rudest fans," Florida ranked second in the SEC behind LSU. In the question of, "which school has the most polite fans," Florida ranked dead last with a 1.6 percent approval ranking.

    The swamp is a cool sight to see if you haven't been there, but be careful about what you wish for and who you root for. If you enter the swamp without gator gear, you might turn into gator bate.

3. West Virginia

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    Well, West Virgina's basketball fans throw objects onto the basketball court during a live game, and their football fans constantly shout obscenities, point middle fingers, and burn couches on the streets of Morgantown, whether it be for a win or a loss.

    Yup, I would say that right there constitutes West Virgina cracking the top-three in the rudest fans in college football.

    The schools "Eat s**t Pitt" cheer when Pittsburgh comes to town has been well documented across the college sports world.

    In college sports, there is a fine line between what is rude fun, and what is just downright classless. West Virgina has appeared to flirt with that fine line one too many times.

2. LSU

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    They are rude, they are cocky, and they are just downright obnoxious.

    That is some of the most commonly used words when talking about LSU college football fans.

    In the Sports Illustrated recent poll, LSU rated No. 1 in the SEC with a whopping 32.2 percent rating when asked "What school has the rudest fans for visitors?"

    They call the home of the Tigers "Death Valley" and when you ask me, you really couldn't find a more fitting name when it comes to describing going into this stadium.

    Put it this way, if you had to choose between taking your child to an R rated movie and Death Valley for an LSU football game, I would go with the movie. At least you know that you are going to leave the movie theater untouched.

1. Alabama

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    If you haven't heard this story yet, you need to read this right now. This video right here speaks to why Alabama ranks hands-down No. 1 on this list of the rudest fans in all of college football.

    Apparently, an Alabama fan hated Auburn so much that he went to their school and poisoned two famed oak trees that stood on Auburn's campus. Harvey Almorn Updyke, 62, of Dadeville, has been charged with criminal mischief and was arrested after police determined that it was he who did this cruel act.

    Ladies and gentleman, you can't get much more ridiculous then this. This is how sick people are who actually take Alabama football so seriously, that they would pull a stunt like this.


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