Brett Favre Website Places Green Bay Packers Front and Center in New Layout

John Limbach@@JohnLimbachContributor IFebruary 21, 2011 new design new design

Sometime recently, the Brett Favre website ( changed headers from an all-purple Vikings design with Favre in his Vikings uniform only, to a montage of Favre in three uniforms: the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets.

These are the three teams that Favre started for in his career. Sorry Atlanta, but Jerry Glanville never started the gunslinger in his short stint when Favre began his NFL career with the Falcons.

This would suggest that Favre is finally to be believed this time that his playing days are over. It also suggests the beginning of the slow healing process with the team that he played with for the bulk of his career and lead to a Super Bowl XXXI victory.

The Packers' image is front and center with the Vikings' image layered second and the Jets' image coming third.

Conspiracy theorists could fly the idea that since Favre's contract is now up with the Vikings, he is free to sign with a team to make that montage four teams.

But his brutal 2010 season, recent statements, and new web design seem to debunk that. 

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