Golf Meets the iPhone

CB MaxwellContributor ISeptember 25, 2008

I have used the GolfLogix hand-held GPS for about a year now, and, having seen most of the GPS golf products, I believe it is the best.  Tough, easy to use, easy to read, waterproof, and thousands of golf courses available for downloading.  

But now, I have run into the "next best thing" in GPS golf technology.  Not sure how many of you golfers out there will get the current iPhone, but I am told it will have an onboard GPS, which means new software will be available. 

Check this out:  GolfTraxx is a downloadable Golf GPS application for smart phones.  It provides golfers the yardages to the front, center, and back of the green as well as the distance to a safe approach on par fours and par fives.  Additionally, GolfTraxx gives the reach and carry for an unlimited number of extras like bunkers, lakes, streams, gullies, etc., per hole. 

GolfTraxx is community-based, so users can get the program for free by mapping their favorite courses and sending them in to GolfTraxx for inclusion in the program.  

Optionally, users can purchase a copy of GolfTraxx for $29.   Currently, GolfTraxx is available for RIM OS (the BlackBerry 8800 series, in Curve and Pearl), Windows Mobile, Palm OS (Treo), and Pocket PC-based devices.  It has courses available on six continents.  

GolfTraxx iPhone edition has been sent to Apple/iTunes and is in the approval process for distribution on the iTunes store.   You can learn more here.