He's Wearing That?: The Top Ten Worst NBA Uniforms of All-Time

Daniel MorrillCorrespondent IJune 20, 2011

He's Wearing That?: The Top Ten Worst NBA Uniforms of All-Time

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    The four-letter word best describes the current state of NBA uniforms.  Some are classic, some are fresh, but none are too crazy.

    This wasn’t always the case.  Short shorts were bad enough, but these jerseys make things even worse.

    So check them out, and don't feel bad for staring. Here are the top ten worst NBA uniforms of all-time.

Honorable Mention: San Antonio Spurs

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    While this colorful "fiesta" style can't make the official list because it was never used as an actual game uniform, it's still pretty bad.

    The fun shapes and colors look like something a clown at a birthday party might wear, not a 6'10", 230 pound center like Charles Smith. 

10: Cleveland Cavaliers

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    The Cavs played around with several blue streaks across their uniforms in the 90's. This one was the worst of the bunch.

    The ultra generic "ball in the basket" logo is featured on the right leg, and there is another blue streak on the left leg.

    At least Martin Lawrence would be proud.

    Well, might be proud.

9: Philadelphia 76ers

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    The Sixers have always worn simple, old-school, classy uniforms.

    This one being the exception.

    The team just tries to do too much with this jersey, and it fails miserably.

    When the Sixers introduced the uniform they called it a "departure."  Whatever that means.

    Maybe a departure from style.

    The Sixers introduced a simpler uniform three years later, saving fans from the stars.

8: Seattle Sonics

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    The home whites of this version of the Sonics uniform actually look pretty good.

    But the green and red of the away jerseys clash pretty badly.

    The color scheme is a mix of Christmas morning and Marvin the Martian themes.  Gary Payton was a much better dresser off of the court.

7: Detroit Pistons

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    It might not come as a surprise that these uniforms made their debut in Detroit the same year as Dick Vitale.

    The late 70's flame look foreshadowed a bevy of horrid uniforms to come throughout the next decade.

6: Houston Rockets

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    The Rockets added the color blue to their palette in 1994.  They also added pinstripes to their uniforms.


    The Rockets were forced to learn like others before them that pinstripes only work in baseball.

    Its hard to believe, but these jerseys look even worse in the home whites.

    This uniform is so distracting that Charles Barkley's golf swing doesn't look bad at all when he wears this getup.  

5: Toronto Raptors

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    I love the old Raptors logo, but it's just way to huge on this uniform.

    The purple is an awkward shade, and there are different colored, widely spaced, lightning based pinstripes.

    The Raptor in the logo is wearing a much more stylish jersey than any of the players of the court.

    Thankfully, like the dinosaurs, these jerseys are now extinct.

4: Utah Jazz

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    No NBA fashion critique would be complete without a shot of John Stockton wearing short shorts.

    The Jazz have had some confused uniforms over time, but this is by far the worst.

    Not only do they try and mix purple, green and yellow, they don't even make the purple of the shorts and jersey the same shade.

    It looks like a mistake, but it wasn't. 

3: Vancouver Grizzlies

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    The Grizzlies broke into the NBA in 1995 and instantly had the worst uniforms in the league.

    The teal color doesn't mesh well at all with the brown, orange, and red colors that fill out the uniform.

    An awkward grizzly claws at each player's left leg, and the ancient hieroglyphics that line the trim make everything seem even more out of place.

2: Washington Bullets

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    Classic, but awful.

    Patriotic, but putrid.

    Classic, but...well never mind.

1: Denver Nuggets

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    The Nuggets uniforms have come a long way.

    A long long long way.

    The baby blue uniforms that they don today are amongst the best in the league.

    But this? This?  Wow.

    There's not much to say about this classic 80's getup.  A picture speaks a thousand words.

    I guess.