NBA: Jack Nicholson, Jay-Z, Spike Lee and the Top 15 Real Celebrity Super Fans

Pat Mixon@patmixonSenior Analyst IJanuary 20, 2011

NBA: Jack Nicholson, Jay-Z, Spike Lee & the Top 15 Real Celebrity Super Fans

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    There have been plenty of slideshows and articles on celebrity NBA fans.

    Go somewhere else for those.

    This slideshow is about serious fans. Real basketball fans who just happen to be celebrities.

    Jack Nicholson, NBA and Los Angeles Laker Super Fan, is the poster child for it.

    Besides Nicholson,  there are other famous people who are true fans. Men and women who not only know the game of basketball, but are die hards like the rest of us. They attend and watch games, they talk the sport and they know what pick and roll defense is all about.

    So, here’s the criteria:

    1. Top Celeb of TV, Movie, Music, etc. Must be well-known and famous.
    2. Know the sport. True Fan.
    3. Dedicated. Must attend games all year, not just playoffs or some big, hyped Christmas game.

     Here are the Top 15 Greatest Celeb Basketball Fans.

No. 15: Usher

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    Full name Usher Raymond IV, this top musician is a lifetime Cleveland Cavaliers fan.

    Not only is he a fan, but a minority owner in the team.

    He loves hoop, knows the game and is a A-list artist.

No. 14- Tiger Woods

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    There was a time when Tiger was a regular at NBA games, well on his way to be the Orlando Magic's Super Fan.

    He’d be higher but he’s pulled back from attending Orlando Magic games since his recent personal issues.

    But before the Thanksgiving incident with a golf club and an ex-wife, Tiger was a regular at Magic games. He knows the sport and is dedicated.

No. 13: Mark Walhberg

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    Mark (left) with brother Donnie
    Mark (left) with brother Donnie

    The Boston native loves his Celtics and attends games court side throughout the year.

    He also will show up at a Lakers game, in hostile Staples Center, wearing a Celtics jersey.

    He doesn’t care. He’s a fan.

    Walhberg would actually be higher on the list if he didn't split time between LA and Boston, so he misses a solid amount of Celtics games.

No. 12: Matt Damon

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    Like Walhberg, Damon would be higher, but because he too spends more time in L.A. than hometown Boston he doesn't attend as many Celtics games as he'd like.

    But Damon's a die hard sports fan. He even attends Boston Red Sox games with Hollywood buddy Ben Affleck.

No. 11: Dyan Cannon

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    She’s been a Laker fan for nearly as long as Jack Nicholson.

    While not as well known by today’s younger fans, she is still a die hard, attending nearly every home game over the last 25 years.

    She’s a real insider, befriending players and close with the Buss family.

No. 10: President Barak Obama

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    We all know his deep passion for playing and watching basketball.

    And, while he lives in the most famous house in Washington D.C and makes appearances at Washington Wizard’s games, don't’ be fooled.

    The President is a Chicago Bulls fan through and through. He loves the game and follows it like a super fan. He used to attend Bulls games on a regular basis.

    If he wasn’t Prez, he’d be higher on this list.

No. 9: Eva Longoria

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    She was a fan of the San Antonio Spurs growing up in Texas. She knows the games and attended as many as possible.

    Then she married Spur Tony Parker and it elevated her basketball status.

    Now, even with a divorce, count on Eva to still follow her beloved Spurs.

No. 8: Jimmy Buffett

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    Buffett in the center of things
    Buffett in the center of things

    It’s always Margaritaville with Jimmy, and he’s a die hard Miami Heat fan.

    He’s been going to games since the Heat arrived in South Miami. 

    He’s passionate about his Heat. So much so, in Feb. 2001, he was ejected from a Heat games by NBA refs due to using profanity.

    Now, that ranks as a Super Fan.  

    Note: Jack Nicholson is the only other celebrity fan to be ejected from an NBA game.

No. 7: Hilary Swank

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    Don't get crazy on me. Hear me out.

    While an odd choice on the surface for this list, Swank is actually a die hard fan.

    And, get this, she even goes to road games. Not many of the other stars on this list can boast that.

    She’s got dedication nailed on this one. Name one or two other stars that do that.

    Hilary was in Phoenix this past year for Game Six of the 2010 Western Conference Finals.

    And she has the star power, with two Academy Awards. 

    Her only, and I mean only drawback is on the surface. I don’t know her deep knowledge of the game.

    She’s an up-and-coming Super Fan.

No. 6: Billy Crystal

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    Crystal can't be too happy. How can you be when you're a Clipper fan?
    Crystal can't be too happy. How can you be when you're a Clipper fan?

    While not that widely known, Billy has been a die hard L.A. Clipper fan for nearly 30 years.

    Enough said.

    Billy is a die hard fan, attending games all year long. He’s been a season ticket holder of the Clips since the 80‘s.

    He might not be the A-List celeb he once was, but his love of the Clips get him on this list.

No. 5: Jay-Z (aka Shawn Carter)

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    I could be Mayor one day!
    I could be Mayor one day!

    He’s not just a fan, but an owner. That’s like the Hair Club for Men T.V. guy.

    Jay-Z isn’t just the founder, but a user. He’s a die hard hoop fan and attends as many New Jersey Nets games as possible.

    And, on top of his love of the game, we get the added benefit of him bringing his superstar wife, Beyonce, to sit court side with him.

No. 4: Snoop Dogg (Real Name Calvin Broadus)

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    Is he paying attention to the game or does he have the munchies?
    Is he paying attention to the game or does he have the munchies?

    Snoop Dogg is L.A. through and through.

    Or, more specifically, Long Beach through and through. Or, even more specifically, as Snoop used to say, "Strong Beach."

    He’s got it all: dedication, knowledge and star power. 

No. 3: Leo DiCaprio

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    Not as well known or as flamboyant as some others on this list, Leo is still a Super Fan.

    He’s been going to Laker games before he was a star and he knows the game, having grown up playing hoop.

    He’s A-List Hollywood and he is always at Staples, for even the bad teams.

    A native Los Angelino and a hoops junkie, who actually starred in a movie about a junkie who played hoops, The Basketball Diaries,

    DiCaprio has been a fixture at the Staples Center since the late '90s.

    And while he often tried to go to games relatively incognito with a cap pulled down tight, DiCaprio, a three-time Academy Award nominee, is a hard person to miss at games.

    He knows the game, attends as many as possible and is in the stratosphere of Hollywood.

No. 2: Spike Lee

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    Spike’s been doing this for decades, going to Knicks games when the team was elite back in the early 90‘s as well as sticking with them during the ongoing lean years.

    Now, he’s happy to see a great team back on the court.

    Spike is a die hard through and through. He’s exchanged trash talking with Reggie Miller during the playoffs and has had the resolve to go on road games and still cheer his precious Knicks.

No. 1: Jack Nicholson

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    You want the truth?
    You want the truth?Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

    Was there any doubt?

    Jack is the measuring stick. He’s No. 1. No one is close.

    He’s been doing it longer and better than anyone.

    He’ll be at lame games in the dog days of February. He’s also been in his court side seats in Laker losing seasons. Jack is the man.

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