When Will the Unjustified Criticism of Frank Lampard End?

...Senior Writer ISeptember 15, 2008

To play for your country is undoubtedly the pinnacle of your career, but you never envisage that while doing it you will get booed.

After all, you have been selected as one of the best 22 players in your country.

I see it quoted quite a lot now, and I think it's quite worrying and sad, when players say that "it is part of being an international footballer that someone is going to get booed."

That cannot be right.

I remember watching the England game against Brazil. For Frank Lampard to be getting booed before the game has started must be wrong. England as a whole have not punched their weight for a little while so to single out one guy, who is an outstanding player, is unfair.

If Lampard can help a team-mate in a tight situation in any game, I don't think he'd ever think about not doing so in fear of making a mistake. Over the years in football you see players go missing for large chunks of a game.

Hiding on a football pitch is an easy thing to do, but Lampard is not that type of player. I watch Chelsea week in, week out and Lampard likes to get himself on the ball often, as well as break forward to score goals. He is a strong character—there is no doubt about that.

I have been at Upton Park when he has been playing for Chelsea, and he takes ruthless stick from the West Ham fans but always rises above it. At 30-years-old, he's a player still in his prime and an outstanding footballer, and I'm sure he doesn't walk around with any negative thoughts in his mind. In fact, it probably makes him even more determined.

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He is not the first Englishman to be jeered by his own fans in the last two seasons, but Lampard might be wondering what exactly he has to do to turn around this old grudge.

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