What's Making Me Talk: Carlos Zambrano and My Walk-Off Win

Nino Colla@TheTribeDailySenior Writer ISeptember 15, 2008

I've never rooted for a Detroit Tiger so much in my life.

Sidetracked by the very important Steelers-Browns game, I had an eye on the box score of the Detroit-Chicago baseball game.

I know, very odd, especially when history was being made at the time with a no-hitter being thrown.

So why was I following this game? Because Curtis Granderson is a main cog in my primary fantasy baseball team and he was my last glimmer of hope. With a 5-4 deficit staring me in the face, I needed something big from the player who contributed the least this past week.

With my team down in the runs category by one and tied in home runs, a solo shot would basically give me the win, taking one category away from him and giving me another.

Granderson then hit his "walk-off" shot to TPO Dynasty into the championship round.

A putrid .083 average was all Granderson could muster for the week, but all is forgiven as he came up big when I needed it the most.

It wasn't his last at-bat, given Marcus Thames' big grand slam, but at the time it was the bottom of the ninth and I was down to my last out.

Still, I kept an eye on Zambrano's magic because, lo and behold, Miguel Tejada was on the opposing team.

What's Making Me Laugh

It's funny, because when Zambrano was pushed back, it was doom and gloom for Cubs fans. When paired with questions about Rich Harden, the Chicago faithful thought, "Here we go again."

It’s funny how that dead arm thing works. No longer throwing with something that feels like it's empty, Zambrano went out and twirled a piece of history.

Not the ideal position for Lou Piniella to be put in, if you ask me.

Arguably your best pitcher and the leader of your rotation coming off an injury in the stretch run of a season, with your team having aspirations of an extended postseason run. And you have to sit there and bite your fingernails as he works into the ninth inning, throwing over 100 pitches.

You can't take him out—he's on the verge of making history. But what if on pitch No. 110 he tweaks something or he wakes up the next morning and his arm is "dead" again?

I know, it's comical to me, but to Cubs fan it’s just another rollercoaster ride. This season better end in something positive, namely the World Series, or else Cubs fans may just go off the emotional deep end once and for all.

What's Making Me Confused

Word just came down that the Milwaukee Brewers have fired manager Ned Yost with just about 12 games left in the regular season.


I understand they are coming off a dismal four-game sweep at the hands of the Phillies and are fighting for their playoff lives. But how is this going to motivate the team to get to the playoffs at this point?

Milwaukee has done everything you can do, I guess. But, while firing the manager has been effective in the past, how does it make sense in the midst of a playoff race with just 12 games left?

I guess they weren't fooling around when they said they were "going for it." It turns out they didn't just mean they were going for it, they actually are going to either win the World Series or completely destroy any chance they ever have.

This could cripple a clubhouse with so little time left. In the midst of a season, it's fine, there is plenty of time for a team to adapt and say, "Okay, new voice and new motivational tactics. We can play better."

But, in a season that is without a doubt Milwaukee's best in years, the Brewers have to be reeling.

They just lost their manager, the man who went through most of the wars of a 162-game season with them. What reason do they have to win? I don't know how many players in that clubhouse are happy about losing Yost, but I can almost bet that most of them like the guy.

What about the long-term effects of this move?

I understand they are going for broke this year, but Ned Yost has done a really respectable job with this team the past few years.

I'm just really confused as to why this move was made now. I get the whole four-game sweep to your closest competitor, but I don't think that's any reason to take such a desperate chance.

Maybe there is something I don't know, but as an outsider this does not look promising.

What I Am Randomly Thinking About

Congratulations to Francisco Rodriguez for breaking the single-season save mark this past week. I'd also like to take this time to wish you good luck with your future with the New York Mets.

Branching off of Zambrano's no-hitter, how wacky was it to see it happen at a neutral site? The hurricane wreaked havoc on the baseball schedule this weekend, forcing many teams to play doubleheaders.

The Indians and Royals already had one scheduled, and for them to avoid a postponement is pretty radical. Thank god for the 40-man roster expansion.

With that, I'd like to send my sympathies to the team that is unlucky enough to bring in former No. 1 overall pick Bryan Bullington next year. As Indian fans learned and Pirate fans already knew, Bullington isn't spectacular. His fastball is straight, and while his slider has great movement, it only has one movement and he likes to throw it twice in a row in the same spot.

We have another big Tampa Bay-Boston series this week. The Rays qualified for the playoffs, so this is no longer a battle for a playoff spot. Instead, it's for the division and the right to avoid the Angels.

Also Milwaukee, barely hanging on in the Wild Card race, has to deal with the Cubs this week. It seems there are a few series of large impact this week between teams in the race.


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