Evander Holyfield at 48: Should He Still Be Fighting?

Laz IzadaContributor IIIJanuary 3, 2011

Evander Holyfield Four-Time Heavyweight Champion
Evander Holyfield Four-Time Heavyweight ChampionEthan Miller/Getty Images

The on-and-off bout between Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield (43-10-2,28KO's) and rugged journeyman Sherman "Tank" Williams (34-11-2,19KO's) is on again. This time the bout is set for Jan. 22 at the Greenbier Resort in West Virginia.

The bout date had been originally scheduled and cancelled three previous times in Detroit's Joe Louis Arena, Nov. 5 and 12 and Dec. 9. Low ticket sales and not having a TV contract were the major factors in the cancellations.

Now the fight that most fans don't want to see or care about has come back roaring with a new date, venue, and pay-per-view television contract and new blood.

Ark Promotions has been publicizing the fight in order to create interest and ticket sales.

They have released two timely press releases, "Holyfield Returns to Ring for Redemption in America: The Journey Back Begins Now" and "Williams plans to give Holyfield a beating."

These publicity stunts/slogans are taken from the Don King school of promotion: glorifying and uniting America and "I'm going to beat you up" attitude to attract attention and ticket sales.

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Holyfield, now 48-years old, will be taking on Sherman, 38, who's defending the World Boxing Federation heavyweight title. A meaningless belt that Holyfield won back in April of 2010 against a 45-year-old plus coming out of retirement veteran Francois Botha.

After this bout with Sherman, Holyfield already has a scheduled fight for March 5 in Denmark against another 45-plus-year-old veteran Brian Nielsen, who hasn't fought since 2002.

The kicker in all this is that if all goes according to plan for Holyfield, the WBC has already agreed for a heavyweight title match for him against Vitali Klitschko after Williams and Nielsen.

Until when do we as fight fans have to endure these side shows that hurt boxing, Holyfield's reputation and well being? This one last fight? Or another year?

Or, as Evander states, he will not stop boxing until he reaches his goal "to be undisputed heavyweight champion of the world."