Rafael Nadal Wraps Up 2010 and Schedules His 2011 Year

Lauren LynchCorrespondent IIDecember 29, 2010

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(December 28, 2010) After successful exhibition matches for his charity last week, Rafael Nadal has mapped out his tournament calendar for 2011 with some new switch-ups for the new year.

Nadal is playing 18 tournaments in total, including the mandatory four majors and the eight required Masters Series.

According to Rafael Nadal's calendar, he is starting the year off a day shy of 2011 in Abu Dhabi on December 31, 2010, where he could meet up with rival Roger Federer

Taking for granted Rafa's health, he will be hitting all of the clay court Master events after he won all of the events in succession and Roland Garros. Some new additions to his tour this year are the first round of the Davis Cup in Belgium on clay and the Barcelona Banco Sabadell tournament in March on clay.

He was notably absent at this year's Davis Cup quarterfinal, where the Spanish team lost to France while he was at the World Cup for soccer in Africa, but he will fight with the team to keep Spain's No. 1 ranking with 29,528.13 points. He is subtracting the Dubai Tennis Championships and the Thailand Open.

Nadal has also been making appearances elsewhere and wrapping up 2010 on a positive note. Nike released a new ad for their "Shine, shine your country" series to shed light on a difficult year, featuring Rafa and other Spanish sports stars, including Pau Gasol, basketball player, and Andres Iniesta, soccer player.

The segment begins saying, "To those who doubt or do not believe in themselves." They take the chance to recognize several people and the titles and championships that Spain has won this year at many different events throughout Europe. At the end, Rafa ends with the tag line, "Work hard and give it your best, be humble and respectful, fight against the darkness and be the light they say we have lost."

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